Writing Prompts for Grown Ups

The backstory on this post is long (and entertaining), but the end result is that I’m going to shake things up on the blog this week and work from a list of writing prompts for grown ups.  If you want to play along, I’d love to see your response to the same prompt!

If I was really organized I’d have a link party or something, but um… we know I’m not that organized.  If you’re playing along, leave me a note in comments and I’ll promote the snot out of your post for you.  Fair?

writing prompts

The backstory

I was on Pinterest (of course) and one of the ladies I follow was posting some awesome pins on editorial calendars for blogs. (I really need to get back to one… oops).

(An editorial calendar is where you list out your post ideas in advance for the next month or so. Then you list the to-do items for each post. Then you check off the stuff as you do it. It works great when I actual USE one.. not so well when I leave mine blank.)

Her pins were mostly around the technical aspect of an editorial calendar – how to organize yourself, what tools and plugins make it easier, what social media tasks needs to be on your list.  I pinned some of those.  But then I thought

That’s great, but what I really need are a bunch of ideas of WHAT to write.  New ideas that aren’t what everyone ELSE is writing about would be fun.

(Yes, I know, the idea of getting someone else’s list of ideas and having it be unique to me isn’t logical. Just ignore the fact that I’m not always rational, ok?)

Since I’m pretty convinced that Pinterest can solve any problem, I decided to search for writing ideas. That quickly lead to searching for writing prompts.

That’s where I struck gold.

The very first pin I spotted was “You’ve just captured a leprechaun. What would you wish for?”  It was clearly a writing prompt for elementary students, but man… I WANTED to write an answer. I could immediately feel a rough draft forming in my head.  I knew instantly that it would make the perfect post.

Elementary students get to write about some fun stuff. Just a quick glance at the pins for writing prompts made me wish I could do my son’s homework for a week.  (Not all of it, just the writing prompts.)

Then I realized that I actually could. I could respond to any of those writing prompts I wanted to.


That’s where the idea for this week was born.  An entire week dedicated to writing fun stuff… like my kids get to do.

The writing prompts

writing prompts for grownups

I’ve got a bunch of ideas pinned in a single board on Pinterest, but here’s what I’m going with this week.

Monday: If I caught a Leprechaun

Tuesday: Spring Break at my house means spring cleaning…

Wednesday:  Write a story that starts with a word you pick from the dictionary at random

Thursday: Would you like the Cat in the Hat to come to your house?

Friday: Five Minute Friday.

After that, who knows.

More writing prompts for adults

Most of these are inspired by elementary school writing prompts.

If I had $1,000 I would…

Mismatched shoes or socks with sandals – you have to pick one.  Which is it and why?

White pants.  yes or no?  Does it matter what season it is?

My favorite earrings.

The best thing about checking the mail is…

The time the cow woke me up.  (Don’t laugh. It happened this week at our house.  It was a virtual cow, but still…)

If my child was given a super power, I hope it would be….

What I will do to avoid shaving my legs.

The best part of me is my….

If you were forced to choose between spending the rest of your life in a library, museum, or zoo, which would you choose and why.

Write an angry letter to an inanimate object.

Pull up Facebook.  Scroll down to the fourth status update.  Write a response or include the quote in your writing.

Want more?


Go write.

Leave me a comment with your URL if you decide to play along.  I’d love the company.



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  1. These are really good writing prompts. Thanks!

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