1. We are *so* with you! Ugh. Summer blogging is kicking our butts. Every. Single. Thing. is just so much harder–and there are two of us!! We don’t know how you “singleton” bloggers do it at all. –The Dose Girls

    • You’ll notice I’ve missed a few posts of late. I’d rather miss a day than post something that isn’t worth reading.

      I’ve sat down and tried to write every day this summer. But when I’m still on the first five words and have had 20 interruptions… well, the words that end up on the post need heavy editing.

      Did you want to write a guest post for me and help me out? 🙂

  2. Jennifer Elledge Humphries says:

    Oh I have the need, but no way to get the quiet. Five kids running around the house, not all mine, and a baby in my arms while I type. Oh well, I will enjoy the bedlam it will all pass by too swiftly.

  3. You're oh so right! This season will pass all too swiftly. I treasure my kids, even in the midst of summer. I know that eventually the house will be quiet again. Right?

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