Water balloon fight! My Kids Make Me Laugh

my kids make me laugh from thishappymom.comI encouraged my kids to have a water balloon fight. I even taught them to fill the balloons. I had to tie all the balloon knots until some older kids in the neighborhood joined in the fun. Then I was free to sit back and take pictures.

I had so much fun watching my boys discovering classic summer fun.  I have fond memories of water balloon fights from my days of summer camp as a Girl Scout.  Watching my kids, I got to re-live those old happy memories.

But, they’re boys.  They took water balloons in an entirely different direction than I ever did. [Read more…]

Errand Game in Action: The Alphabet Game

Last week I wrote an article about making errand time with kids more manageable.  One recommendation was to make errand time more fun by playing a game.  I’m reporting back with an update featuring this week’s game. [Read more…]

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