Crazy Laundry Battle Update

laundry battle laundry wars

My friend and I are in a week long laundry battle to get caught up on our laundry.  This is day three.  I thought I would give you a quick update of our progress.

Friend: Yesterday got 3 loads washed and dried, two loads put away plus put away all the clean clothes left from our trip. Will be gone a good portion of today (swim class, bible study, swimming pool) so you will probably win 😉 Getting load number 4 (of 6) in washer now, will dry when I get home later. [Read more…]

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Looking for a name…

I need a better way to refer to my husband on this blog than “hubby.”. Here are some ideas I came up with:
— happy hubby
— the happy dad
— Dennis (my husband)

Any other ideas?

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Simple Steps Report: Dinner on the go

This morning, I posted a simple way to eat a healthy dinner no matter what your circumstances.   I thought I’d check back in with prices and a report of how my family responded.

I went to a Kroger in Houston Texas and made the following purchases: [Read more…]

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