Candy Crush Saga – Just a Harmless Crush?

A few weeks ago, I started a board on Pinterest about Candy Crush.

I figured that tweeting about a meme I was pinning on Pinterest that started as a Facebook game pretty much covered all my social media addictions in one basket.  The only thing left was my blog.  Just to complete things, I’ll Instagram something from today’s post and then tweet the Instagram post.

(it seems i may have a social media addiction in addition to this darn candy crush thing.)

That was a few weeks ago.

Since then, I’ve played a bit more Candy Crush.  I’ve also paid attention to how my friends talk about it.   I’ve gotten a good idea of how to assess your level of Candy Crush Saga Addiction.

Some levels are more acceptable than others.

In the whispered conversations I’ve had with other Candy Crush Saga players, there seems to be a universal response to what level other players are on.

Level 1-10:  We pity you.  You have no idea what you have gotten yourself into.  Turn back now before it’s too late.

level 11-40:  Oh look how cute you are.  Bless your heart.  If you can’t figure out how to squeeze in a few more minutes of game play each day then your kids must be running you ragged.

Level 41-150:  This seems to be the acceptable range.  This is what my friends consider normal.

Level 151-200:  Once you get above level 150, the other women start looking at you with suspicion.  They can’t figure out how you can possibly be playing that much without letting yourself go.

Above level 200:  Your friends think you need an intervention.

are you a candy crush addict

Candy Crush Shame

It’s my personal theory that when you begin to hide just how much you are playing a game (or whatever your addiction might be) then the addiction is serious.

In terms of Candy Crush, there are three distinct stages of addiction.

Stage One: You quit sharing your accomplishments on Facebook.  It’s out of courtesy of course.  No one needs to be bothered by your status updates at 2am.

Stage Two: You take the time to make sure Candy Crush permissions on Facebook are set to “me only” – just in case.  Because no one needs to know.  Really.

Stage Three:  You buy your own tickets to get to the next station.  You bugged your friends yesterday and they don’t need to know you’ve played through to the next station in less than 24 hours.

Stage Four:  You know exactly how many lives you have on your phone based app version of the game and the Facebook based version on your home computer.  You alternate between the two like a pro.

Stage Five:  You create a pin board devoted to your love of the game on Pinterest, mainly because you need something to do until your next life regenerates.

when i finish a level of candy crush level with three stars i feel good

Is Candy Crush a Harmless Crush?

For the most part, I’ve used the game as a harmless distraction when I sit in car line each day.  Sure, there are days when I’ve also spent 30 minutes on my computer (because hey – the lives I spend on my computer are different than the lives I spend on my phone).

Most days, that’s ok.

Except… sometimes I really intended to do something else in car line.  I’d intended to respond to a few emails or call the bank or read a book.  When I pulled up in car line, all my good intentions dissolved into a giant sugar rush.  Sigh.

Most days, that’s still ok.  I got everything done.

In the end, it’s like what we all tell our kids about THEIR video game of choice.  It needs to be balanced with activity.  It needs to be balanced with other activities that stimulate our minds and require social interaction.  But as long as it’s practiced in moderation it isn’t horrible.

In full disclosure, I finished level 220 this morning. I just thought you should know.

Do you play Candy Crush Saga? What level are you on? Do you worry about being addicted?

my candy crush saga addiction

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  1. Okay fine. I’ll fess up. No, I don’t play Candy Crust but I do play Bejeweled Blitz. And I do hide how much I play. There. Are you happy?! Now it’s out in the open.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to try to beat yesterday’s high score.

  2. There is a reason I stay away from these games! haha. I loved when you said you quit sharing your updates on Facebook! :) I did go through a phase when I played that scrabble game a lot and I just had to quit!

  3. Hahahahahaha. Oh, help me, Susan. I am a level 4– I do flip back and forth between my computer and phone. GAH!! I have been stuck on level 135 for over a week. I\’m beginning to think it\’s impossible to do. It\’s driving me INSANE!! (Maybe it\’s good because I\’m still in the normal level range) –Lisa

    • I hated that level! The chocolate kept creeping up from the bottom and covering up my candies. Ugh. I think that one took me about 2 weeks.

      After I wrote this, my husband asked if I needed an intervention. He actually offered to delete the app from my phone (shudder).

  4. {Melinda} You are bad, really bad, my friend! Trying to lure me into another hollow, mindless addiction. Don\’t you know the pain I endured withdrawing from Words with Friends and Diner Dash?! Don\’t you know there was a time I was on the Disney channel game website more than my children?! Look at me woman: I am NOT playing Candy Crush!!But just out of curiousity … how much is the App?

    • You know how that stuff is. Free to try, and then they start asking for money once you’re hooked.

      The good news is that the addiction to Candy Crush has helped me completely ignore all of my “with friends” games.

  5. {Melinda} I just had to give you a hard time because I\’m such a sucker for these kind of mindless games. They ARE fun. No denying that, is there?! :) Loved this post.

  6. I\’m on level 200-something, but I\’m afraid to look because then I\’d start playing again :) My addiction has been terrible, but I think I *might* have moved past it. I\’d like to play casually – just when I have a few minutes here and there, but I\’m afraid I\’m incapable of that!

    • Don’t look. Just delete the game and move on. I wrote this post in jest, but I also know that there are times I’ve struggled with it. There are periods where a casual game was anything BUT casual for me. I can remember spending HOURS on zuma… Just walk away.

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  9. I used to play Candy Crush ALL THE TIME. I got stuck on level 99. I still break it out to try and beat it, but I just can’t get past it. I do love getting the 3 stars though. Getting stuck probably saved up hours and hours I can now use to be productive… or play another game… ;-)

  10. I used to play Candy Crush all the time. and i got stuck on many levels but it’s a lovely game

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