In praise of hats

i love to crochet hats

The marriage of hat and crochet is magical for me.

I’ve explained my love for crochet in a previous post or two.

As a little girl, I loved trying on the hats in the department store.  I loved how they made me feel glamourous, like I was wearing a costume.  I loved how they framed my face and made me look pretty.

When my boys were babies, I loved how they looked in hats.  They were adorable, and some of my favorite photos feature them in darling hats.  (But I also loved the approving looks I got from all the Grandmas for keeping my baby’s head covered.) [Read more…]

Crochet helps me be a crafty mom

i love crochet

I am a hopeless crochet addict these days.  I average over 4 skeins (balls) of yarn a week.  I have crochet hooks and yarn stashed around the house and in the car, just in case I have a few extra minutes on my hands.

I am convinced that having a crafty or creative outlet is part of what all women need to maintain our sanity and our sense of self.

If you’ve been following me for long, you probably remember that crochet helped pulled me out of the deep pit of depression and start me on my journey to becoming ThisHappyMom.  It even helped save me the day I felted my hair.  But I haven’t always felt that way. [Read more…]

Addicted to crochet, but it’s not enough

i love crochetEven though I love crochet, I have this not-so-secret desire to knit.  I’ve tried.  I’ve failed.  I’ve asked for help and been directed to YouTube.  It didn’t help.  Learning to knit is on my bucket list (assuming I actually have a bucket list, which I don’t).   My mom thinks I’m crazy.  She barely understand the crochet thing, and is totally baffled at my desire to master knitting as well.

You can make stuff with one hook.  Why do you want two?

I think it was the socks.   [Read more…]

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