#mkmml Cartoon Turkeys

Yes. My Kids Make Me Laugh. Only, since that’s too long to work as a hashtag, I’m going with #MKMML.

Today, it’s about cartoon turkeys.

Don’t worry, I didn’t know what one was either. Not until my sons explained it. [Read more…]

10 Ways to Mess Up a Turkey

I’ve cooked a turkey at least once each of the last 15 years and invariably something goes wrong.  I’d like to save you some heartache by listing out the very worst ways to mess up a turkey.

I’m hoping you’ll learn from my mistakes.

[Read more…]

Don’t Let The Turkey Get You Down (part 3)

This is the conclusion of the original turkey trilogy. It’s the story of how I was crowned turkey queen of the house and we ended up with a back porch that oozed rancid floral scented crisco from the concrete in the summer heat.

At the end of the first summer, we’d understood that the crisco soaked concrete would get hot during the day and that the crisco would rise to the surface. [Read more…]

Don’t Let the Turkey Get You Down

In our house, I’m in charge of the turkey.

Well, actually, the turkeys.  I manage two of them on a daily basis.

But for the purposes of THIS story, let’s agree that we’re talking turkey.

USDA Certified Poultry.

Thanksgiving Feast worthy turkey. [Read more…]

Turkey Hunting, Mom Style

Yep, it’s turkey hunting time again.

In honor of Thanksgiving, I’m sharing some of my favorite stories about Thanksgiving and turkeys.

Today I’d like to share our favorite family tradition.

Turkey Hunting.

My boys went on their first turkey hunt when they were three and four years old.

I took them all by myself. [Read more…]

You did WHAT with the turkey?

It’s time for another turkey story.

(I promise I’m not doing turkey stories every day for the rest of the month.  I have some pumpkin stories too. You can find all my Thanksgiving inspired stories on one convenient page I cleverly titled THANKSGIVING.)

I’d like you to climb in the time machine with me and travel back in time to November 2001.

It’s my first time to hostess Thanksgiving dinner ever.  And my mother-in-law is coming for dinner.  In 24 hours. [Read more…]

It’s Turkey Season Around Here

I’m declaring it open season for hunting turkeys.

No, that’s not a commentary on the election results.

I’m just ready to share some Thanksgiving fun, and I figure there are a lot of people that could stand a reason to laugh today.Best line of the story?

Don’t hit your brother with a turkey.

Before you call protective services, maybe you better hear the REST of the story.

[Read more…]

My Kids Make Me Laugh – Turkey(s)

My kids make me laugh every single day (when I take time to appreciate them).

I’m convinced that these kind of silly conversations are taking place in YOUR house every day (just like mine.)  But I had to learn to listen for them.

I can promise you – my kids did not walk up and say

Mommy, grab a pencil and paper – we have something funny for your blog.

That would be too easy.

Instead, the little treasures happen at the most inopportune moments. I HAVE to have an ear open for them at all times. (and sadly, there’s no telling how many stories i’ve missed by being too busy or too distracted.)

And that’s the key… [Read more…]

Don’t Let the Turkey Get You Down (part 2)

In part one of my turkey story, I shared how my smoked turkey beat out my husband’s deep fried turkey.

I may have won the turkey bet, but it left me with 50 gallons of crisco caked in cat litter.

[Read more…]

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