Being Thankful at Thanksgiving

Yes, I know we are all supposed to be thankful at Thanksgiving. But I’ll be honest. Many years I’m so full of stress, so overwhelmed, and so frazzled that by the time the turkey is carved the very last thing I feel is thankful.

(I still say it’s my favorite holiday. Even if it does stress me out.)

This year, as I begin to finalize our plans for Thanksgiving week, I’m profoundly thankful.  I’m hoping it will stick.

I’m hostessing in-laws and strange dogs.  I’m driving six hours (round trip) to enable family to be at my house. I’m cooking for severe allergies. At first glance, you may think I need to be checked into the crazy farm. But… hear me out.

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Thankful Thoughts – My Phone

Thankful thoughts about my phone.Today’s Thankful Thoughts post is being typed on my phone. All the artwork is being generated on my phone. It’s only appropriate for me to be expressing thankfulness for my phone.

(edited: I did not post this until I got home because I needed to make sure the post looked right.  it’s the first time i ever did a post completely on the phone and i didn’t trust the process. with a little html knowledge or advance planning, it’s totally do-able.)

Top 10 reasons I’m thankful for my phone.

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Thankful Thoughts – Dear Hubby

thankful thoughtsThis week, I’m using my thankful thoughts post for something personal.

I’ve had the luxury of spending the weekend away from my family and I’ve been focused totally on me. Me. me. me. me. me! I’ve loved every second of it. And I appreciate my husband’s support more than I can express.

But I thought I’d try.

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Thankful Thoughts about YOU – each of you.

thankful thoughtsGuess what I’m sharing in this week’s thankful thoughts.  You won’t believe it!

I’m thankful for YOU.

That’s right.  YOU.

I’m so thankful for my amazing community of readers, fans, commenters, followers, and friends.   You ladies rock.

Last week, I asked you to share with me what you were thankful for.  Remember?  I dared you to have a thankful thought of your own.

And you did.

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Thankful Thoughts – Small Things

thankful thoughtsIt’s Sunday and time to pause and share some Thankful Thoughts with you.  This week, I’m thankful for small things.

Not all small things.

I’m not thankful for the tiny Legos I find on the floor in the dark at 2am with my bare feet.

I’m not tremendously thankful for the grit in my bed my children leave behind.

To be honest, I’m not even thankful for that small zit growing on the end of my nose.  Even if it is technically a small thing.

It just feels huge. [Read more…]

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Thankful Thoughts – School Starts This Week!

thankful thoughtsOn Sundays I try to share some thoughts on thankfulness with you (cleverly called “thankful thoughts” because I apparently lacked creativity that day). This Sunday, we are counting down to the first day of school. It’s literally HOURS away.

(I admit.  I’m counting down the hours until school starts).

I started to write today about how thankful I was that school was starting.  I could, because (duh) I am soooo thankful school is starting.  I am anticipating some peace, quiet, calm, and order.  But I’ll save that post for another day.

I started to write about how thankful I am that we can send our kids to an amazing Christian school.  We love our school.  I am truly thankful for it and for the families that make up our school community.  But I’ll write about that some other week.

Instead, I want to write about [Read more…]

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Home at last – Thankful Thoughts

thankful thoughtsAwareness. Appreciation. Gratefulness. Thankfulness. Gratitude. Enjoyment. Thanksgiving.

I started to write about how thankful I am for my bed.  It’s amazing.  It’s just the right softness, the sheets stay cool all night, and my pillow is beyond description.  After a year of living apart during the remodel (sleeping on strange hotel beds stunk) the reunion with my bed was joyful.

I started to write more about reunion with my bookshelves and how thankful I am to finally feel like I’m home. [Read more…]

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Thankful for Dry Feet – Thankful Thoughts

thankful for dry feetI am thankful for dry feet today. I try to post some thankful thoughts each week on Sunday morning. It’s normally a scheduled post written earlier in the week. This week was a little hectic, and here I am on Sunday afternoon finally able to be quiet enough to write about thankfulness.

It may sound odd, but I’m thankful my feet are dry. I live in North Houston. Last year’s summer of drought, wildfires, and non-stop 100+ degree days left us praying for rain. This week’s rainfall (almost a foot in the past seven days, with more on the way) was welcome, but the resulting flooding was not. [Read more…]

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Thankful for past insights – Thankful Thoughts

thankful for past insights at thishappymom.comI’m thankful for past insights, particularly when I took the time to write them down somewhere for later.  Looking back at the past antics of my kids helps me find perspective.  Looking at my past struggles helps me see my growth.

I’m horrible about writing stuff down on a random scrap of paper and then tossing it a few weeks later… or not.  Sometimes I find these odd snippets of conversation jotted on the back of envelopes as I’m sorting through papers or unpacking boxes.  Those strange little messages from the past are always a delightful surprise.  It makes me regret that I haven’t been more diligent at journaling over the years, but not enough to get all fancy and buy a journal or anything. [Read more…]

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Thankfulness in all things – Thankful thoughts

Here I sit at 4:40am, musing over thankfulness. Anyone who knows me knows I am less than enthusiastic about the hour.

It’s Sunday (technically).  But that’s not helping my mood.

I had a post on thankfulness pre-written and scheduled as I slumbered until the last minute before heading to church.

But apparently, God has other plans.

So I sit, bleary eyed and waiting.  I am thinking through my blessings, reading scriptures on thankfulness, humming songs on the subject under my breath.  All welcome exercises, but not my first choice in the darkness of an early morning.

I am still and listening, trusting God to open my heart. [Read more…]

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