But… I want to do things that MATTER

In the three weeks since I had knee surgery, I’ve seen and heard some amazing things around my house.  My favorite phrase so far has to “but… I want to do things that MATTER.”

It came from one of the three males that live in the house, but you’ll have to keep reading to find out who said it.

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It turns out I don’t do I can’t

Here’s the deal. I know it’s two weeks from Thanksgiving and I “should” be writing about all things Thanksgiving.  But I can’t.  Why? As it turns out, I don’t do well with “I can’t.”

Since I can’t do I can’t, I’ve decided to jump out of an airplane and do outrageous things instead.  Want to join me?

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Post Op Tales – My unexpected guest

Amidst all the chaos of surgery, pain meds, and Halloween, I had an unexpected guest.

Yes.  Her. [Read more…]

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That post where I catch things up post op

Yep.  This is the post where I catch you up on the past week, how I’m doing post op, and all the other fun stuff.

I want to launch straight into all things Thanksgiving, but I realized I need to catch all of of you up on why I’ve missed blogging the past few days.

Besides, I’ve got some funny stories.  You know how I am. [Read more…]

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