What’s on YOUR phone?

This is one of those “I have no idea what to title it but it’s funny” stories.  I settled for “what’s on your phone” but it could have just as easily been “name that tune” or “stories that my husband hopes don’t get read by his coworkers” or even “I finally got revenge for driving the mom-wagon for years.”

Yesterday, I spotted this post on Cluttered Genius about the first random song that comes up on your iPhone when you it shuffle.  The song that popped up for her was Love Shack and she has a GREAT story about why the song was on her phone.

She was participating in Mama Kat’s pretty much world famous blogging challenge, so you may have seen similar posts.  If you’re ever stuck for a writing topic, Mama Kat has you covered.

Me? [Read more…]

The only song my husband knows all the lyrics to

When my husband and I got married, found my ability to remember song lyrics a little surprising.  I think he might have called it freakish.

We got married over a Thanksgiving weekend after dating a mere ten months.  Y’all, we were still on our honeymoon when my husband discovered my “freakish” ability to remember all the words to Christmas Carols.

Me? I can remember the names of all the reindeer.  I can remember all twelve days of gifts.  I can belt out the second verse of Silent Night.

My husband?

He makes up a few reindeer names and mumbles the rest.  It only goes downhill from there.  Check out how he mangles the 12 days of Christmas. [Read more…]

Best Christmas Song Ever???

So… it’s time for Christmas Songs.  They’re all over the place.

If you’re like me, your kids are singing snatches of whatever it is they are working on for their “winter concert” or Christmas performance.  Since my kids go to a private school, we actually get to call it a Christmas concert instead of just a “collection of songs about snow and stuff.”

My second grader gave me a sneak peak at his song.  My husband and I had tears rolling down our cheeks partway through the performance.  Apparently, the 2nd and 3rd grades will be singing together.

I had him sing it to me a second time as I typed.


… y’all…

… I can’t. [Read more…]

Thankful Thoughts – Music

thankful thoughtsIn this week’s installment of thankful thoughts, I’m writing to you about music.

Did you ever wonder if your life had it’s own soundtrack, or that just me?  Seriously, there are times when the drama gets so intense that I think I need some heavy violin music in the background.  Or sometimes just a rim-shot.

Wouldn’t it be cool if real life came with sound effects too? 🙂

Oh wait… music.

My iTunes account is kind of like a musical scrapbook. [Read more…]

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