Dear Beginning Blogger – Be Awesome

Six weeks ago, I wrote to you and shared most the things I wish I’d known as a beginning blogger.

One of the things I told you was

“for the first month or two, just focus on writing.”

It’s been a month or two. I figured it was time to check in and give you a wee bit more advice.

(Hint: If I could have squeezed in in, the full title of today’s post is “Dear Beginning Blogger: How to be awesome at social media and get lots of comments on your blog posts.”)

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what you may have missed last month

I spent October doing the #write31days challenge, I didn’t share much of what was going on with my personal life.  Since I think of y’all as my friends, I thought I’d share a little of what you may have missed last month.

Not the boring parts. This is just the good stuff.  Honest.  I culled through all the snarky text messages, boring Facebook status updates, and random notes in the margin on my calendar to come up with the juicest, sassiest tidbits I could come up with.

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And… this should catch you up to date

To finish catching you up to date, I’ll be honest and say I was more than ready for summer vacation to be over with.  My kids NEEDED the structure.

They were getting into all kinds of mischief.

Besides… my house was a wreck.

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What else happened this summer

Yeah, kind of a theme for the week – trying to catch everyone up on my summer while getting back into the swing of writing.  Bear with me… I’m also adjusting to this whole homeschool thing.

We had a blast on our month long road trip. I could (and should) share some amazing photos and stories and thoughts.  Give me time, I’ll get there. But first, I want to catch you up on the funny parts.

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Blissdom Bliss for Non Bloggers (#5club 2)

blissdom for non bloggers 2I had an awesome and amazing time at Blissdom and I came back with ton of stuff I wanted to share – my Blissdom Bliss

Most of what I learned applies to EVERYONE – not just bloggers and social media junkies.    (as a reminder, even if you aren’t tweeting , your tweens probably are.)

Over the next few weeks, I’m sharing some Blissdom Bliss posts on a random basis.

The very first speaker I heard at Blissdom was Jon Acuff.  It was 5am for the aptly named #5club.

Part one of my notes is in a previous post on Blissdom Bliss.  You can read about why we were meeting at 5am. [Read more…]

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The word “gullible” is in the dictionary.

true confessions - gullibleThis post about the word Gullible is inspired by my friend Holly.

She was teasing me on twitter the other day and said

“Did you know the word gullible is not in the dictionary?”

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How to cure engineering disease with a red shoe

I’ve already mentioned that my husband has what I lovingly call “engineering disease” in a previous post.

I love him to distraction, but sometimes… I just have to walk away and find the secret chocolate.

This weekend, I was mildly annoyed with the fact that my husband had to re-engineer the kitchen in order to grill some hamburgers for lunch.

I did what any red-blooded blogger would do.  I took to twitter.

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Thankful Thoughts about YOU – each of you.

thankful thoughtsGuess what I’m sharing in this week’s thankful thoughts.  You won’t believe it!

I’m thankful for YOU.

That’s right.  YOU.

I’m so thankful for my amazing community of readers, fans, commenters, followers, and friends.   You ladies rock.

Last week, I asked you to share with me what you were thankful for.  Remember?  I dared you to have a thankful thought of your own.

And you did.

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