Labor Day Weekend Summer Recipe Roundup

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It’s Labor Day weekend!  The official last weekend of summer grilling and cookouts.   In honor of the weekend of summer cooking, I’m rounding up my favorite summer recipe posts from the past two years.

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Salad according to my kids

kid salad recipes

My kids have a warped understanding of what goes in a salad.  They also have the strange belief that salad is my favorite food.

(it’s not.  that’s a tie between cheese enchiladas and chocolate mousse cheesecake. don’t make me choose!)

Since they were making barfing noises at MY salad for the day, I decided to ask them what they think makes a good salad.

GoGo’s Salad Recipe:



Scrambled Eggs [Read more…]

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Steak and wing sauce salad (man salad)

man salad recipe

Man salad.  This is a salad that a man could love, not some frilly girly salad.

It features steak, the flavors of buffalo wings, and fried onions.

It’s the perfect salad for date night in.

According to hubby, the fried onions add just the right touch of “unhealthy” to make it enjoyable to eat a salad for dinner (and the baby spinach provides enough nutrition to make up for it).

He was thrilled with the flavors and textures, and pronounced it a satisfying all-in-one dinner.

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Summer Salad Round Up

tomato goat cheese summer salad

It’s the last weekend of summer, traditionally the time for the last bar-b-que of the season, so I’m rounding up all my summer salad recipes for your convenience.

My weekend plans are super fun!

I’m driving out to the country to pick up our share of a cow from the meat processing plant.  I’ve never done this before, so it should be an adventure.

This city girl has never been to a processing plant.

We’re stocking the turtle pond my husband built in the backyard.

This city girl has never had a pond in her yard.

Adventures in motherhood beckon. [Read more…]

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