Fertilization and Ice Cream – My Kids Make Me Laugh

Sometimes I wish my kids would make an appointment with me to talk about important stuff (like fertilization and s-e-x).

It’s not that I’m too busy to talk to them, it’s more because I’d really like a few moments alone with Google to get myself psyched up and prepared for these big discussions.  Ideally, I want time to pray, check google, call my mom, have a good cry with a friend, and beg my husband to please handle the discussion  Realistically, my kids always ask me life’s hardest questions when I’m unprepared.

Picture this…

I’m driving down the road one afternoon, returning from the carpool line. I have my boys (kindergarten and 3rd grade), plus a carpooler (Boo, 5th grade boy). I’m running through my afternoon checklist, mentally preparing dinner and fretting about homework. My second grader decided to start asking me questions I was completely unprepared to answer. [Read more…]

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