If you decide to garden…

if you decide to put in a spring gardenI thought about a spring garden this week, but then I realized it could be dangerous.

Yes, you heard it hear first.  Gardening can be dangerous to your health.

Particularly if it involves gardening with the family, like I’d be doing this week while the kids are on spring break.

So before you take advantage of all the free labor you have available for pulling weeds and hauling big bags of mulch, Consider the risks of spring gardening.

Don’t believe me?  Just listen to my cautionary tale.  It’s inspired by a mouse and cookie.

If you decide to garden… [Read more…]

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Marinated Onions – Recipe

This picture of Marinated Onions was the very first food photo I ever got a complement on.

I still love the photo.  Even more, I love those onions.

I crave these, and I should definately make them more often! [Read more…]

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Magic White Sauce Dinner – The End of the Eggs

s simple dinner from thishappymom.comI’ll bet you are wondering what Magic White Sauce Dinner is, what it has to do with eggs.

When my mother-in-law shared her secret for peeling hard boiled eggs, she also gave me her treasured recipe for creamed eggs.  My husband was excited because it’s actually a recipe that he remembers fondly and wishes I would could for him.

Her recipe involves potato starch, cubed chicken boullion and powdered non-dairy creamer. Yummy (not).  I don’t even keep those ingredients in my house.  In my MIL’s defense, she has multiple food allergies.  She had to figure out how to cook gluten and dairy free back in the 70’s, and this was her solution. [Read more…]

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Hard Boiled Eggs-pirmentation again. I can’t stop myself

silly eggs-pirmentation with thishappymom.comHard Boiled Eggs Again? The egg — incredible, edible, and beautiful.  Are you sick of them yet?

For those of you who are totally egg-saspirated with my recent fascination with hard boiled eggs, please be patient with me.  It’s almost over.  I’ve been busy conducting a few eggs-piraments to see if I could find the most egg-cellent method for making hard boiled eggs.

Even if you don’t care a bit about hard-boiled eggs, you should read the post for all the egg-cellent puns.  Come on, you know you want to peep.  They’ll crack you up.  Chick it out.

[Read more…]

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Confessions of a former food blogger

I’ve shared before on my blog that I used to be a food blogger.  I explained why I quit (potty training) and why I took a three year break from blogging.   Now that my kids are older, it’s much easier to blog.  They actually understand when I ask them to let me finish typing a thought.

true confessions - food blogging

I ran my food blog for over a year.  That’s a lot of food to take photographs of.  Lots of beautiful photos that are worthy of Pinterest.

I learned a few dirty secrets about food photography.  Some of them are fairly well known (like spraying food with oil to make it look prettier, using elmers glue in place of mayo because it’s whiter, and using dry ice to emulate steam).  But the dirtiest secrets… I have to share those. [Read more…]

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Pea Salad Recipe – Y’all This is Good Stuff!

I made some Pea Salad from all those hard boiled eggs I’ve been playing with.   If there is a dish that tastes like summer to me, this just might be it.

Y’all, I have a confession to make.  Under normal circumstances, I just can’t follow a recipe exactly as it’s written.  I just can’t!   But occassionally, I find something that is just too perfect to mess with.

Paula Dean’s pea salad is just that — perfect.  But I messed with it anyway.

We had ours with a lovely leftover grilled porkchop (almost as good as bacon).  Otherwise, I would be tempted to add about 1/2 a cup of crispy crumbled bacon to the dish.  But oooooohhhh… mmmm…. yum!  [Read more…]

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My Kids Make Me Laugh – Mustaches

my kids make me laugh from thishappymom.comMy kids make me laugh.  When I started this weekly feature, I was a little worried about finding content each week.  I had visions of chasing my kids around the house with a camera as I begged them to “do something funny.”  I had a few odd dreams about eavesdropping on other families to find funny things they said.

So far, my kids have continued to be funny.  More accurately, I continue to find small everyday moments to treasure.

Sometimes, it’s what they say.  Their dialog can be priceless.  Earlier today, they were trying to convince me that they invented Popeye just to trick kids into eating spinach.  Just last week, they were claiming that zombie dinosaurs were definitely scarier that vampire giant robots.

At other times (like today) it’s a more visual humor.

Oh GoGo, you make me laugh with your silly mustache.  You crack me up with your “old man” routine.

[Read more…]

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Silly Eggs-pirimentation – More eggy fun

I decided to see how else I could peel eggs besides the secret method revealed by mother-in-law.  This is probably a result of watching a few too many episodes of Mythbusters.   I love it when they blow stuff up and take things to ridiculous extremes, just because they can.  My family is genuinely entertained by exploding toilets and the scientific experiments involving body fluids.

Oh wait… eggs.

So, if I can’t open an egg by gently cracking the shell open and peeling it, how else can I do it? [Read more…]

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Uh-oh! – The Kids Spent Their Chore Money

full shoe bin on a chore money date - ouch

My kids spent some of their chore money today, but they were not impressed.

Earlier today I tweeted about going to McDonalds.  The kids paid with points rather than cash directly (mainly because I had no cash on hand).

I charged them 70 points each ($3.50) to go to McDonalds.  That covered the basic Happy Meal plus a $1 drink for me.  There was some serious shock on their little faces.  It took them TWO DAYS to earn 70 points (they’ve been averaging 35 points most days)!

Point project scores again, those cheesy happy meal toys weren’t quite so appealing at that cost.  They had a hard time spending their chore money! [Read more…]

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Remodel Report: All About Laundry

Remodel Report

My remodel continues to impact my life in major ways.  From time to time, I’ll share a remodel report to let you know how things are going… mostly because I need to share.

In June of 2011, we moved out of the house as part of a major remodel. Our house was totally gutted right down to the studs, so it’s taken a bit longer than we had originally planned. Fast forward to June 2012. We are back in the house but the house isn’t finished. It’s a bit problematic. Today, I’m focused on how the remodel continues to impact my efforts to do laundry. To start with, this is supposed to be my master closet. Notice the complete lack of shelving or rods on which to hang clean clothes. Notice the construction materials stored on the floor. [Read more…]

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