Five Minute Friday – Truth

It’s Five Minute Friday!  My favorite writing time of the week.

Last week, the word was GRACE.

Today’s writing prompt is… TRUTH. [Read more…]

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Crimes of Motherhood – I am the meanest mom ever

I am the meanest mom ever – at least according to my kids.

Personally, I figure that means I’m doing something right.

They have a different view.  They said that I’ve committed crimes.  I’m accused of…

(dum dum dum….)

[Read more…]

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Eggs with a side of yelling… and socks.

No, I PROMISE I am not going to do 31 days of eggs.  I think I’ve egg-zausted the whole egg thing for now. This is more about the yelling thing.

I yelled this morning.

About socks.

I’m really grouchy about having to write it down too. [Read more…]

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I’m yelling because…

Recently my family started using the phrase “I’m yelling because…” when things get loud.

It started as a simple experiment.  We were (and are) working on tone of voice issues. [Read more…]

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Please don’t label my son

With the start of every school year, it starts again.  It’s parent teacher conference time.  It’s time, once again, for the professional educators to try and label my son.

The thing is… well… he doesn’t fit neatly into any of the predefined categories.  He defies diagnosis.  He’s been that way since before birth.

So once again, I’ll be sitting with a teacher who will ask for his label.  Once again, I know she probably won’t like my answer…

It started before his birth. [Read more…]

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How to Encourage Whining

My house has been under attack from the whining monster.  Again.

Let me start by saying that I loathe whining.  It’s a family trait.

When my oldest son first picked up the whining habit, he wasn’t even two yet.  My mom looked me in the eyes and said

you whined too…. ONCE.

I have no memory of what she meant, but the gleam in her eyes was enough. [Read more…]

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Why we turned our backs on soccer this year

Before school even started, our family made a choice not to participate in soccer this fall.

I’ve made no secret about how I feel about the sport.  I love the lessons my kids have learned in sports, but I’m not that fond of soccer.  I make a horrible soccer mom.

So there is a small part of me that’s doing the happy dance because I don’t have to go pretend that I care about a sport I don’t care about.

We’re skipping soccer! [Read more…]

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MOMtor Monday – Cookie Dough and Self Control

It’s MOMtor Monday and I’m over at Mothering from Scratch with a guest post.

I’ve adored their series on the fruits of the spirit this summer.  I love fresh fruit in the summer time, and their series really satisfied!

Because I’m a regular contributor to Mothering from Scratch (and because they actually plan their posts out weeks in advance) I actually had this writing assignment since last May.

For three months, I’ve been staring at “self control” as a writing topic.

When I first got it, I immediately told my husband.   His response was not exactly the loving and supportive one that I was looking for! [Read more…]

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The post where I confess to being rebellious

I’ve never told you this before, but I tend to be a bit rebellious.

Not in big ways.  Not now (although I did when I was younger.  cough.  statute of limitations. cough cough. changed.)

On the outside, I’m a rule following by the books kind of gal.  I have to be – I expect my kids to obey me.  But that doesn’t change me on the inside.

I am secretly rebellious.

When I see a sign that says [Read more…]

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104 days of summer vacation…

… and school comes along just to end it.

We started our summer vacation sooner than just about anyone I know.  We got out May 24th.  So I may be a little further along in the summer vacation stages than you are.

(by the way, I just calculated… there are only 81 days in our summer vacation)

But I have this theory about summer vacation.  I think ALL of us go through the same stages of enjoyment, tolerance, resignation,  and eagerness.

(there are only 31 days left before our 1st day of school.  that’s only a MONTH!  we go back earlier than anyone i know, so your numbers may not be so exciting.)

At the start of the summer, we are all excited about the lack of schedule and the freedom to sleep late.  Enjoyment is high.  Our kids are easily entertained, the house is still clean, and we’re all relaxed and happy.

(but really, it’s more like 21 weekdays.  weekends don’t count.)

dont look in the laundry roomAfter a few weeks, the excitement wears off.  The lack of routine has turned our home upside down.  The kids stay up late and we stay up later.  We’d all sleep in except that SOMEONE still has to go to work.  We won’t mention the laundry pile.  Just don’t open the laundry room door please.  Suddenly, activities and outings seem like a great idea.  It will help everyone to get out of the house.  Summer vacation is tolerable, but no longer exciting. [Read more…]

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