Five Minute Friday – Truth

five minute friday truth

It’s Five Minute Friday!  My favorite writing time of the week.

Last week, the word was GRACE.

Today’s writing prompt is… TRUTH. [Read more…]

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Crimes of Motherhood – I am the meanest mom ever

crimes of motherhood header

I am the meanest mom ever – at least according to my kids.

Personally, I figure that means I’m doing something right.

They have a different view.  They said that I’ve committed crimes.  I’m accused of…

(dum dum dum….)

[Read more…]

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Eggs with a side of yelling… and socks.

eggs socks and yelling header

No, I PROMISE I am not going to do 31 days of eggs.  I think I’ve egg-zausted the whole egg thing for now. This is more about the yelling thing.

I yelled this morning.

About socks.

I’m really grouchy about having to write it down too. [Read more…]

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I’m yelling because…

yelling because header 1

Recently my family started using the phrase “I’m yelling because…” when things get loud.

It started as a simple experiment.  We were (and are) working on tone of voice issues. [Read more…]

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