What’s the big deal with Lunch Box Notes?

lunch box notesLunch box notes seem to be a staple these days.  At least according to Pinterest.   If I believe all the pins I see, they’re as important to my child’s lunch as the healthy fruit and whole grain snack.

I don’t remember lunchbox notes  from my childhood.

Sure, my mom stuck a valentine in my lunch on the appropriate day and maybe a birthday card.  But that was about it.  My mom wasn’t a slacker.  No one else’s mom sent notes either.

There were moms who used lunch box notes to remind their kids about after school dentist appointments.  But that’s not the same thing, is it?

My husband said his mom didn’t “do” lunch box notes either.

Since I have no experience as a lunch box not recipient, I’m trying to figure out the rules.  So I googled. [Read more…]

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