10 Problems I want to solve for you

Have a problem? I’d really like to solve it for you.

What’s the catch?

(um… nothing…?  I really DO want to solve some problems.)

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Being Real

being realAs I’ve gotten older, I’ve gotten better at being real.

Yesterday (September 2nd) marked three full months of blogging at ThisHappyMom. I went back and looked… I wrote my first post on June 2nd of this year.

That’s also the day I purchased my domain name.

I actually started as a WordPress.com site and becomes self hosted the following weekend.

Looking back at some of those older posts it kind of weird. In three months, I’ve learned a lot about formatting my content for easier reading (shorter paragraphs, using sub headings). I’ve learned how to write content that is search engine friendly. I have really changed the HOW of writing.

But beyond that, WHAT I write about has changed.  It got real.

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Laundry Battles – Winning the Laundry Wars

winning the laundry wars

I sometimes wonder if winning the laundry wars is possible!  I am at constant war with Mt Washmore.  Mr Washie may be my friend, but Mr Dryer is my mortal enemy.

I would do most anything to win the laundry wars!

A friend posted today that she was seriously lacking motivation to get her laundry caught up. Instead of tackling the post-vacation backlog of laundry, she wanted to do something fun (like nap). I’m having similar issues today, so I challenged her to a laundry battle.  I sent her a message that said

I challenge you to a laundry war! Whoever gets the most loads washed, dried, and folded today wins. If its just clean and needs folding, that counts too. The other person also wins, but they get to buy the coffee. 🙂

She hasn’t responded yet, but I’m starting anyway.  I have some serious laundry problems.   More later.  Feel free to join in the battle.

Or tell me… what crazy thing do you do to get motivated?

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Remodel Report: All About Laundry

Remodel Report

My remodel continues to impact my life in major ways.  From time to time, I’ll share a remodel report to let you know how things are going… mostly because I need to share.

In June of 2011, we moved out of the house as part of a major remodel. Our house was totally gutted right down to the studs, so it’s taken a bit longer than we had originally planned. Fast forward to June 2012. We are back in the house but the house isn’t finished. It’s a bit problematic. Today, I’m focused on how the remodel continues to impact my efforts to do laundry. To start with, this is supposed to be my master closet. Notice the complete lack of shelving or rods on which to hang clean clothes. Notice the construction materials stored on the floor. [Read more…]

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Laundry war “after” photo

winning the laundry warsIn my ongoing laundry war with a friend, I wanted to share an “after” photo. You can see a “before” picture in my post about our remodel and the mess it has made for our closets.

It took a few hours, and I still have a TON of laundry to put away. But for now, everything is clean!!!!

All the towels and sheets are folded, but I have no where to put them.

I am so proud of this!  My laundry room is such a pretty place when it isn’t full of laundry.

I am going to win this laundry war!

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Crazy Laundry Battle Update

laundry battle laundry wars

My friend and I are in a week long laundry battle to get caught up on our laundry.  This is day three.  I thought I would give you a quick update of our progress.

Friend: Yesterday got 3 loads washed and dried, two loads put away plus put away all the clean clothes left from our trip. Will be gone a good portion of today (swim class, bible study, swimming pool) so you will probably win 😉 Getting load number 4 (of 6) in washer now, will dry when I get home later. [Read more…]

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The benefits of eighteen (and some laundry stuff)

My kids are, roughly speaking, halfway to eighteen.

GoGo turns 8 this week.  Watty stays 9 until next May.

(at two loads of laundry per week per child, i’ve washed approximately 1,664 loads of laundry for them so far.  that’s a LOT of socks.)

Quite frankly, the idea that they are halfway to adulthood scares the living snot out of me! [Read more…]

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