How Happy Are You? Do you want more happiness?

how happy are you?How happy are you?

Do you know? Are you happier today than you were last week? Do you see yourself as becoming happier with every passing year? Are you happier than you were before you had kids? Do you want more happiness in your life? I have a simple idea that will answer all of these questions and help you become a happier mom. [Read more…]

The Prospect of Joy Part 2: Goals

the prospect of joy

Yes, goals.  (don’t be scared, i promise it won’t hurt.)

Last week, I shared a post titled The Prospect of Joy that laid out two very different definitions for prospect.

The second definition was about how a prospector searches for treasure and was an encouragement to see our children as the treasures that they are.

The first definition was about the relationship between prospects, hope, and goals and how they help us find joy.

Today, I’d like us to talk about that first definition some more.

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Learning From Your Children

learning from your childrenToday, I’m asking if you are learning from your children… and if so, what have you learned?

This fits into our 31 Days of Joy in Motherhood series under the broad concept of seeing our chldren as treasures like we talked about in the Prospect of Joy post.

(as a quick flash back – one definition of joy includes “the prospect of having what one desires.”  prospect… old prospector out searching for gold… children as treasures.) 

One of the most profound questions I ever heard at a MOPS meeting was

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How I became “This Happy Mom” (Part 1)

how i became this happy momThis is part 1 of my story of how I became “This Happy Mom.”  It’s too long for a single post, so I thought I’d share my story in installments.

I can point to the calendar and tell you the day I decided to become “This Happy Mom.”

It was Monday, December 5th 2011.  It was not a good day. [Read more…]

Joy is a choice we make

Joy is a choice we make.

The uncomfortable flip side of that is that we can also choose “un-joy” – sadness, discontent, unhappiness, bleh-ness, and whatever other term you want to use for the days when there is no joy.

(Depression is, arguably, a different animal.  When the brain chemicals get messed up, it’s hard to set things straight.  I’m not talking about THAT kind of un-joy.)

The more I’ve written about joy and the further I go into the 31 Days of Joy in Motherhood, the more I’m convinced of this basic truth.

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