When smart phones aren’t smart

when smart phones are not smartWhen smart phones aren’t smart, they’re kind of silly.  After spending an entire weekend at “Camp No-Fi”  with a “dumb phone” I’ve got a few thoughts on the subject.

You do remember how I feel about my phone, right?  I spent an entire week devoted to it.  I’m a better parent because of my phone.

Smart phone = happy mom.

“Dumb phone” = Flashlight. [Read more…]

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Mothering Mischief – Pink TV

If you haven’t figured out by now, I practice Mothering Mischief on a regular basis.

As I shared last week in a guest post on Mothering From Scratch, tapping into that mischievous and creative side of mothering just works for me.

Last week, one of my boys had earned himself a television free day or two.

(not completely tv free, he could still watch pink tv)

The crime had involved his growing obsession with a certain television show and my unwillingness to drop everything and instantly help him get his “fix.”

So the ban was appropriate. It fit the crime. [Read more…]

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Life Without Internet, part 1

Life Without InternetMaybe “life without internet” is a bit harsh.  It’s not exactly accurate either.  But “life without internet other than what I can squeeze out of my phone or find at a cafe” is too long for the title.

Thursday night was wonderful.  I was living the bloggy lifestyle and living it large.

I had a virtual wine tasting with the SitsGirls and Mirassou wines.

I had an awesome webinar with ProBlogger.

For a stay at home mom, that’s a lot of meetings and social interaction in one evening. It rocked.

Then I discovered life without internet.

[Read more…]

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