Dear 3rd Grade Teacher – I blame my grandmother.

Dear 3rd Grade Teacher,

I am quite aware that my son arrived at your class today with a bag of bones in his backpack.  He said you were studying the skeletal system this week and that the bones would be an excellent addition to the classroom experience.

If you must know, the smaller bones are fish bones, probably gar. The larger bones are from a feral pig.

I blame my grandmother. And quite possibly Mrs K, my 9th grade biology teacher. And also my mom. And maybe Mrs B, the kindergarten teacher down the hall. This particular set of bones was my mom’s idea. She was laughing right up to the moment I threatened to turn the bones into a wind chime and give them to her for Christmas. [Read more…]

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Turkey Hunting, Mom Style

Yep, it’s turkey hunting time again.

In honor of Thanksgiving, I’m sharing some of my favorite stories about Thanksgiving and turkeys.

Today I’d like to share our favorite family tradition.

Turkey Hunting.

My boys went on their first turkey hunt when they were three and four years old.

I took them all by myself. [Read more…]

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