The Happy Mommy Game

I regularly get visits to my blog from people googling “the happy mommy game.”

the happy mommy game - 31 days of joy in motherhood

While I don’t know of an actual formal game for happy moms, it’s kind of fun to imagine what the rules would be.  You might even say it gives me JOY to imagine it.

After musing it over, I’ve come up with several different ideas for the happy mommy game.  Each version is a great way to find some joy in motherhood. [Read more…]

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My Kids Make Me Laugh – Encyclopedia Style

my kids make me laugh from

My kids make me laugh every single day.  I treasure that.

Taking the time to enjoy my kids and laugh WITH them each day is one of my secrets to being This Happy Mom.

Sometimes, it’s visual.  Like the day they dressed up in costumes. (That’s the very first my kids make me laugh post.)

This time, it was an extended conversation with a series of sound bites – each one funnier than the last.   [Read more…]

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My Kids Make Me Laugh – Ninja for God

You can’t just say “Ninja for God” in your regular voice. You definitely can’t say “ninja for God?” with a question in your voice.

No. You have you use the big movie narrator voice, with sound effects.

Ninjaaaaaaa for God (dum dum duuuuum).

At least that’s how I heard it when I typed it.

[Read more…]

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The word “gullible” is in the dictionary.

true confessions - gullibleThis post about the word Gullible is inspired by my friend Holly.

She was teasing me on twitter the other day and said

“Did you know the word gullible is not in the dictionary?”

It’s one of those I-can’t-win questions. [Read more…]

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Mr Google, What were you searching for?

google searchingMr Google has been searching for answers to some pretty weird stuff lately. I get a steady stream of traffic to my blog from Mr Google, and I think his kids have been using his computer without permission too.

In an effort to be helpful, I thought I’d just sit down and answer some of his questions all at once.

Mr Google is really busy, so I think he’ll appreciate my help, don’t you?

Here is what the Googles were searching for: [Read more…]

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My Kids Make Me Laugh – About Blogging

my kids make me laugh from thishappymom.comMy kids make me laugh every day, and this week it’s about blogging.  Specifically, about the fact that I’m going to a blogging conference this weekend.

Watty can’t figure out why I’m abandoning him this weekend, and he’s asked some really cute questions.  The kids are curious about why I spend so much time typing, and they have a hard time understanding it.


On the way to school yesterday, Watty started in on the blogging thing.   [Read more…]

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How to cure engineering disease with a red shoe

I’ve already mentioned that my husband has what I lovingly call “engineering disease” in a previous post.

I love him to distraction, but sometimes… I just have to walk away and find the secret chocolate.

This weekend, I was mildly annoyed with the fact that my husband had to re-engineer the kitchen in order to grill some hamburgers for lunch.

I did what any red-blooded blogger would do.  I took to twitter.

[Read more…]

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The (made up) Mom Dictionary

mom dictionaryIf you are asking “what exactly is The Mom Dictionary?” don’t worry.  I made it up.  It’s simple.

The mom dictionary is a list of words that aren’t in the dictionary but that should be.

Because moms need more recognition.

(And because I kept mistyping a few words and started giggling about it.

While I was bored in car line.)

The Mom Dictionary

Momologue – That speech you give to your kids that lasts for longer than 30 seconds.  You know, the one they tune out.  Older kids may respond with “Mom, enough with the momologue already.  I get it.” [Read more…]
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My Kids Make Me Laugh – About Fish????

my kids make me laugh from thishappymom.comMy kids make me laugh.  You know that, right?  Every week it’s something new.

After our recent adventure in setting up a turtle tank, Watty declared that you don’t keep salmon for a pet.

I agree with him. Salmon is a rather non-traditional and unlovable pet.

Hubby would agree too, it has too many different requirements (both fresh and salt water).

But Watty’s answer was a bit more… entertaining. [Read more…]

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Badges for the Weary Worn Out Mom

badges for the weary worn out momMotherhood is under-appreciated and we miss many milestones for the weary worn out mom to celebrate.

Oh sure, we’re good at celebrating out CHILDREN’S milestones.

We celebrate baby’s first word, baby’s first step, the first day of school.

But what about the milestones of motherhood?

For a weary and worn out mother, these may not be scrap-book or pin-worthy moments, but they deserve to be acknowledged and celebrated.

So I’ve got some badges for you.   [Read more…]

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