What would you do? Drama in the Produce Aisle

After some recent drama in the produce aisle that left my kids open mouthed and shocked, I find myself looking for a little advice.

I’m asking…

What would you do?

Or rather… what would you have done?

It started innocently enough.

I was dragging my kids through the grocery store in a vain effort to stick with the whole “cook every meal, stay on budget, eat clean, loose weight” theme of the summer. [Read more…]

How I taught my kids to behave in the grocery store

Yes it’s true – my kids used to be grocery store beggers…. and fighters… and worst of all whiners.

They don’t do that any more.  They still don’t love grocery shopping, and I do my best to avoid taking them with me.  But when they do go, one of them pushes the cart while the other one “helps” me.

I’ve even gotten complements on how well they behave.

It didn’t used to be this way, trust me.

The Confession

I used to be one of those super-couponers.  I could load my cart to the brim and watch the total drop from $700 to $50. [Read more…]

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