My Kids Make Me Laugh: Symmetry

For old time’s sake. It’s Tuesday, it’s another crazy story about my kids. It’s “my kids make me laugh” and today it’s all about symmetry.

My son Watty is in fourth grade. He’s a boy. His sense of humor is the predictable result of all three factors.¬†(Being my kid comes with a certain quirky sense of humor. Trust me.)

Oh. ¬†Before I go any further. This blog post has a few words that might offend your kindergarten teacher while she is in the classroom. It’s nothing I wouldn’t say in front of my pastor’s wife, but you’ve been warned. [Read more…]

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Dear Spammer – About your grammar….

I’ve been having a bit of a fit this weekend about grammar (or rather, the lack of it by Spammers).

If you follow me on Facebook (and you should) you may have seen a few snarky remarks.

If you follow me on Pinterest (and you should) you may have seen me throw a pin fit as I created a new board dedicated to the subject.

(that was Saturday night, right as Pinterest stopped working for all of my friends. i may or may not have inadvertently broken pinterest. oops.)

Before I launch into a full blown rant on the subject, I need to get a few details out of the way. [Read more…]

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