Mothering Mischief – Pink TV

If you haven’t figured out by now, I practice Mothering Mischief on a regular basis.

As I shared last week in a guest post on Mothering From Scratch, tapping into that mischievous and creative side of mothering just works for me.

Last week, one of my boys had earned himself a television free day or two.

(not completely tv free, he could still watch pink tv)

The crime had involved his growing obsession with a certain television show and my unwillingness to drop everything and instantly help him get his “fix.”

So the ban was appropriate. It fit the crime. [Read more…]

The Happy Mommy Game

I regularly get visits to my blog from people googling “the happy mommy game.”

the happy mommy game - 31 days of joy in motherhood

While I don’t know of an actual formal game for happy moms, it’s kind of fun to imagine what the rules would be.  You might even say it gives me JOY to imagine it.

After musing it over, I’ve come up with several different ideas for the happy mommy game.  Each version is a great way to find some joy in motherhood. [Read more…]

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