Review: 75 Ways to Have More Fun at Home

75 ways to have more fun at homeAnna over at My Life and Kids has just released her new ebook titled 75 Ways to Have More Fun at Home.

It’s awesome.

Obviously, there are a bunch (75) of ideas to help you play with your kids and have more fun at home.  (At $3.99 for the book, that’s a little more than a nickel for each idea. Bargain!)

Most of them are free-ish, require no advance preparation or crafting skills, and can be spontaneously implemented.


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Hey – Get off the internet and go play with your kids!

It may sound bossy, but I mean it – go play with your kids!

(if you are keeping count, this is day 3 of the finding joy in motherhood 31 day series.)

I promise you will get more JOY out of playing whole-heartedly with your kids than you will EVER get by reading my blog.

Still here?

I assume that means your kids are asleep or in school.

Because if they are awake and nearby, I was serious.

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My Kids Make Me Laugh – Olympics Style

my kids make me laugh from

My kids make me laugh every day!  I share their stories to remind you to find the funny in YOUR life too.

This week, I’m laughing at the Olympics.

Well, not really at the Olympics, more at how my kids interacted WITH the Olympics.

Sure, they did the normal stuff every other kids while watching the Olympics.  They re-enacted Judo in the backyard.  They attempted archery with some Nerf guns.  The couch became a piece of gymnastics equipment.

Interaction – that’s something entirely different. [Read more…]

Silly Eggs-pirimentation – More eggy fun

I decided to see how else I could peel eggs besides the secret method revealed by mother-in-law.  This is probably a result of watching a few too many episodes of Mythbusters.   I love it when they blow stuff up and take things to ridiculous extremes, just because they can.  My family is genuinely entertained by exploding toilets and the scientific experiments involving body fluids.

Oh wait… eggs.

So, if I can’t open an egg by gently cracking the shell open and peeling it, how else can I do it? [Read more…]

Water balloon fight! My Kids Make Me Laugh

my kids make me laugh from thishappymom.comI encouraged my kids to have a water balloon fight. I even taught them to fill the balloons. I had to tie all the balloon knots until some older kids in the neighborhood joined in the fun. Then I was free to sit back and take pictures.

I had so much fun watching my boys discovering classic summer fun.  I have fond memories of water balloon fights from my days of summer camp as a Girl Scout.  Watching my kids, I got to re-live those old happy memories.

But, they’re boys.  They took water balloons in an entirely different direction than I ever did. [Read more…]


It rained here in Houston last night.  That’s kind of a rarity after last year’s drought.  Today in the car, Watty announced that he was awarding God 100,000,000,000 points for watering all the flowers and grass in Houston.

Just to up the cuteness factor, I’m sharing a photo of Watty from when he was about 16 months old.

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