Cleaning out the pantry

Last night, I posted a comment about my pantry on Facebook.

I’m not snacking.  I’m cleaning out the pantry.

My friends loved it.

How I Clean Out The Pantry [Read more…]

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Confessions of a former food blogger

I’ve shared before on my blog that I used to be a food blogger.  I explained why I quit (potty training) and why I took a three year break from blogging.   Now that my kids are older, it’s much easier to blog.  They actually understand when I ask them to let me finish typing a thought.

true confessions - food blogging

I ran my food blog for over a year.  That’s a lot of food to take photographs of.  Lots of beautiful photos that are worthy of Pinterest.

I learned a few dirty secrets about food photography.  Some of them are fairly well known (like spraying food with oil to make it look prettier, using elmers glue in place of mayo because it’s whiter, and using dry ice to emulate steam).  But the dirtiest secrets… I have to share those. [Read more…]

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Salad according to my kids

My kids have a warped understanding of what goes in a salad.  They also have the strange belief that salad is my favorite food.

(it’s not.  that’s a tie between cheese enchiladas and chocolate mousse cheesecake. don’t make me choose!)

Since they were making barfing noises at MY salad for the day, I decided to ask them what they think makes a good salad.

GoGo’s Salad Recipe:



Scrambled Eggs [Read more…]

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