And… this should catch you up to date

To finish catching you up to date, I’ll be honest and say I was more than ready for summer vacation to be over with.  My kids NEEDED the structure.

They were getting into all kinds of mischief.

Besides… my house was a wreck.

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What else happened this summer

Yeah, kind of a theme for the week – trying to catch everyone up on my summer while getting back into the swing of writing.  Bear with me… I’m also adjusting to this whole homeschool thing.

We had a blast on our month long road trip. I could (and should) share some amazing photos and stories and thoughts.  Give me time, I’ll get there. But first, I want to catch you up on the funny parts.

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Summer in Idaho – Part of my vacation

Remember I said we took the entire month of June for a family vacation?  Part of our time was spent with family in Idaho.  We were in a small (300 square foot) cabin on the edge of McCall and it was amazing.  We loved the time we spent with family and all of the outdoor stuff we could do that you can’t exactly DO in suburban Houston. [Read more…]

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Warning! Don’t Try This at Home – Social Media Blunders

social media blunders from thishappymom.comI’ve committed my share of social media blunders.  I think everyone has, but somehow mine seem uniquely boneheaded and silly.  I wanted to share them to save you the embarrassment of repeating them.

These are just the social media blunders I’ve made in the past two months!

1.  Make sure you have Twitter followers.  When I started my blog, I realized I needed to tweet about it as part of my marketing campaign.  I logged into an old (inactive) twitter account I had used several years before.  I tweeted for an entire week before I realized I had no followers.  Nada.  Zip.  Not even the creepy ones. [Read more…]

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