What would you do? Drama in the Produce Aisle

After some recent drama in the produce aisle that left my kids open mouthed and shocked, I find myself looking for a little advice.

I’m asking…

What would you do?

Or rather… what would you have done?

It started innocently enough.

I was dragging my kids through the grocery store in a vain effort to stick with the whole “cook every meal, stay on budget, eat clean, loose weight” theme of the summer. [Read more…]

How I taught my kids to behave in the grocery store

Yes it’s true – my kids used to be grocery store beggers…. and fighters… and worst of all whiners.

They don’t do that any more.  They still don’t love grocery shopping, and I do my best to avoid taking them with me.  But when they do go, one of them pushes the cart while the other one “helps” me.

I’ve even gotten complements on how well they behave.

It didn’t used to be this way, trust me.

The Confession

I used to be one of those super-couponers.  I could load my cart to the brim and watch the total drop from $700 to $50. [Read more…]

Being Real

being realAs I’ve gotten older, I’ve gotten better at being real.

Yesterday (September 2nd) marked three full months of blogging at ThisHappyMom. I went back and looked… I wrote my first post on June 2nd of this year.

That’s also the day I purchased my domain name.

I actually started as a WordPress.com site and becomes self hosted the following weekend.

Looking back at some of those older posts it kind of weird. In three months, I’ve learned a lot about formatting my content for easier reading (shorter paragraphs, using sub headings). I’ve learned how to write content that is search engine friendly. I have really changed the HOW of writing.

But beyond that, WHAT I write about has changed.  It got real.

[Read more…]

Five simple steps to make running errands with kids easier

running errands with kids

Running errands with kids will NEVER be my favorite thing to do.  Ever.

Errand day with my kids in tow.  Oh joy.  This is a recipe for someone to have a meltdown (and it might just be me).  At least one of us will end up hot or hungry or (if we visit the freezer aisle) cold or bored.  At least one of us will get annoyed with how *someone* is pushing the grocery cart.

Shopping alone > Shopping with Kids

Since I can’t get all my errands done without actually leaving the house (I’ve tried, but Amazon doesn’t deliver milk or go to the bank for me), I routinely drag my kids out of the house in the summer time.  That means I disrupt them from watching endless cartoons, force them to actually put on socially acceptable clothing, and then (gasp) I impose a schedule on them.

Running errands with kids is hard work.

Here are FIVE SIMPLE STEPS I’m taking to make errand day run more smoothly. [Read more…]

Errand Report: Photo Safari

I started today with a list of errands and a list of items the kids were supposed to take photos of on their “photo safari.” My list included a dollar sign (we were going to the bank), a flower (we were going to my moms), a mailbox (we were checking her mail), some balloons, and some fruit (the grocery store).

My kids decided it would be more fun if they added some extra stuff to the list (a house, an “easy” button, some horses, a book, the letter “R”, a diet coke can, and a yellow traffic). They had fun spotting stuff to take photos of and it was a total success.  My kids were motivated to go to each stop to accomplish their photo challenge.  They made the challenge their own, and it was a hit.  I did learn a few things. [Read more…]

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