Dogs or cats? The endless war.

My fourth grade son talks about the endless war between cats and dogs – a lot.

He’s not talking about the whole cats versus dogs thing from movies or cartoons. He’s talking about the ongoing debate in his grade.  It’s been raging for over two years now.

At this point, no one remembers how the whole thing got started. According to my son, the whole fourth grade is divided between cat lovers and dog lovers. You can’t like both. You can’t like neither.  You have to pick a side.

(I’m quite certain that “you can’t like neither” is a little wonky as a sentence. I can diagram it, it’s logically and technically accurate, but it sounds “wrong.” It’s the kind of thing my high school English teacher would have put a big red circle around and scrawled “awk” next to it.  

No, she wasn’t amused when I put wings on “awk” and turned it into a bird doodle on my essay. She wasn’t amused by the entire class screeching like “awk birds” when she returned our papers to us.  She eventually started writing “awkward” on our papers instead.  

She wasn’t a fan of long parenthetical interruptions, short paragraphs, or ellipses either. We got along like a house on fire. But I digress. I’m supposed to be writing about cats and dogs, not awk birds.)

It’s been a long debate. These kids started arguing about cats and dogs in second grade.  That’s practically their ENTIRE lives. It’s referred to as “the endless war.”

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