Hamburger shapes matter

There is a reason that hamburgers have their shape.  Hamburger shapes matter.  A lot.

I don’t know what all was going through the mind of the person who invented hamburgers, but I’m pretty sure there were a few trial and error attempts along the way.  There’s no other reason why they ended up in an easily cooked form that fits perfectly between two slabs of bread.. all without resembling anything unfortunate.

Yesterday, I decided to mess with that burger shape.  I paid a price.

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Menu Monday – Back To School

menu mondayIt’s Menu Monday time.  I have to admit that I’m wondering if this series still fits with my blog.  I don’t mind sharing what I’m planning to cook each week, but I have to admit… does anyone really care?

Let me know in the comments if you feel strongly one way or the other.  Or just vote in the poll (right sidebar).

Since we’re starting school this week, I am keeping things as simple as I can.  I want foods that I know my kids will eat and I know will be easy for me to fit into the day as we all adjust to living on school time.  Cooking meals that leave enough to fill a lunchbox are two is a bonus.

So this week’s Menu Monday is a back to basics kind of affair. [Read more…]

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More Eggs-ellent discussion from the Eggy Egg-Heads

all about eggsThe “eggs conversation” with my MIL left me curious about some facts.  What eggs-actly were the proper handling guidelines for eggs?   I wanted to know whether the whole “leave the eggs on the counter” thing was safe or not.  I was also curious just how unsafe her advice was to leave hard boiled eggs on the counte overnight.

So, I googled “hard boiled eggs” because that’s the way I do all scientific research these days.  I checked out Pinterest, because I had a few extra minutes.  I learned some new stuff about eggs that blew me away!

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Pea Salad Recipe – Y’all This is Good Stuff!

I made some Pea Salad from all those hard boiled eggs I’ve been playing with.   If there is a dish that tastes like summer to me, this just might be it.

Y’all, I have a confession to make.  Under normal circumstances, I just can’t follow a recipe exactly as it’s written.  I just can’t!   But occassionally, I find something that is just too perfect to mess with.

Paula Dean’s pea salad is just that — perfect.  But I messed with it anyway.

We had ours with a lovely leftover grilled porkchop (almost as good as bacon).  Otherwise, I would be tempted to add about 1/2 a cup of crispy crumbled bacon to the dish.  But oooooohhhh… mmmm…. yum!  [Read more…]

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Silly Eggs-pirimentation – More eggy fun

I decided to see how else I could peel eggs besides the secret method revealed by mother-in-law.  This is probably a result of watching a few too many episodes of Mythbusters.   I love it when they blow stuff up and take things to ridiculous extremes, just because they can.  My family is genuinely entertained by exploding toilets and the scientific experiments involving body fluids.

Oh wait… eggs.

So, if I can’t open an egg by gently cracking the shell open and peeling it, how else can I do it? [Read more…]

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I’m (not) a bad apple and I’m making applesauce.

When life gives you bad apples, make applesauce.

I’m not really a bad apple, but after yesterday’s post on cussing I’m feeling a little feisty.  I also wanted to post something safe and non-controversial.

Mr Picky likes applesauce almost as much as he hates peas.  He loves the GoGo SqueeZ Applesauce
variety and thinks they are named for him.  And I buy plenty of those.  (affiliate link on the applesauce, not a bad price on them)

When I find apples in the bargain bin (or when I buy bad apples), I make my own.

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