When kids start cussing

Apparently, all of parenting skills are focused around cussing these days.

As soon as had I dealt with the…um…”butterfly” incident with my older son, my younger son started in about the um… well… the word that starts with “f.”

My precious sweet little innocent cherubic son looks up at me and says “I know the very worst word in the whole world.” [Read more…]

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My Kids Make Me Laugh – The Philosophy of Towels

See?  I promised I’d share funny stories from my kids even after I ended the weekly feature titled “My Kids Make Me Laugh.”

Recently, my second grade son said something so outrageous I had to stop EVERYTHING to text my husband and share it with him.  It was over towels… and philosophy… and love.

(Because I knew hubby would want to share in the moment, right in the middle of his important business meeting.  I’m thoughtful that way.  Hubby loves my texting habits.) [Read more…]

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My Kids Make Me Laugh – Flashback Style

My kids make me laugh on a daily basis. They’ve been doing so for longer than I’ve been blogging.

Allow me to flashback to early in the year 2007 when my kids were both in diapers. Watty was in MDO and GoGo was just learning to talk clearly.  I was one tired momma.

(Insert your own special effects here.  It’s a low budget blog.)

[Read more…]

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My Kids Make Me Laugh at Camp No-Fi

My kids make me laugh camp no fiI started to call this edition of “My Kids Make Me Laugh” something different. More like “My Cabin Makes Me Laugh.” But then I decided that would be too confusing. So I didn’t.

The cabin we rented really was pretty special. The whole place was decorated in a mash up of mid-century modern, fifties diner, and retro-garage designed man-cave. It was in a big metal building that was referred to as a BARN on the rental company website.

My kids were confused, but happy.

The decor worked.

The black and white unifed everything.

The ceiling in the main room was corrugated (wavy) metal painted black. They’ve hung giant brand signs parallel with the ceiling.

My boys were in AWE.

They’re also amazed at the phone booth and the coke machine.

My favorite was their bedroom. [Read more…]

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My Kids Make Me Laugh: Beans

It’s Tuesday, my kids make me laugh, and I promised to tell you the second half of the bean story.

The best part of the whole thing is when my kids realize just how mischievous I really am.

If you recall from yesterday’s post on beans, my picky child refused to eat my (very tasty and frugal) homemade refried beans. Instead, he insisted on saying the ones from a restaurant were better.

Me:  GoGo, WHICH restaurant is better?

GoGo:  All of them. I don’t like your beans.

After I pressed them on the subject, both of my kids actually did have a favorite refried bean restaurant.   [Read more…]

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It’s Turkey Season Around Here

I’m declaring it open season for hunting turkeys.

No, that’s not a commentary on the election results.

I’m just ready to share some Thanksgiving fun, and I figure there are a lot of people that could stand a reason to laugh today.Best line of the story?

Don’t hit your brother with a turkey.

Before you call protective services, maybe you better hear the REST of the story.

[Read more…]

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My Kids Make Me Laugh – Turkey(s)

My kids make me laugh every single day (when I take time to appreciate them).

I’m convinced that these kind of silly conversations are taking place in YOUR house every day (just like mine.)  But I had to learn to listen for them.

I can promise you – my kids did not walk up and say

Mommy, grab a pencil and paper – we have something funny for your blog.

That would be too easy.

Instead, the little treasures happen at the most inopportune moments. I HAVE to have an ear open for them at all times. (and sadly, there’s no telling how many stories i’ve missed by being too busy or too distracted.)

And that’s the key… [Read more…]

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My Kids Make Me Laugh – Encyclopedia Style

my kids make me laugh from thishappymom.com

My kids make me laugh every single day.  I treasure that.

Taking the time to enjoy my kids and laugh WITH them each day is one of my secrets to being This Happy Mom.

Sometimes, it’s visual.  Like the day they dressed up in costumes. (That’s the very first my kids make me laugh post.)

This time, it was an extended conversation with a series of sound bites – each one funnier than the last.   [Read more…]

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My Kids Make Me Laugh – Ninja for God

You can’t just say “Ninja for God” in your regular voice. You definitely can’t say “ninja for God?” with a question in your voice.

No. You have you use the big movie narrator voice, with sound effects.

Ninjaaaaaaa for God (dum dum duuuuum).

At least that’s how I heard it when I typed it.

[Read more…]

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My Kids Make Me Laugh – About Blogging

my kids make me laugh from thishappymom.comMy kids make me laugh every day, and this week it’s about blogging.  Specifically, about the fact that I’m going to a blogging conference this weekend.

Watty can’t figure out why I’m abandoning him this weekend, and he’s asked some really cute questions.  The kids are curious about why I spend so much time typing, and they have a hard time understanding it.


On the way to school yesterday, Watty started in on the blogging thing.   [Read more…]

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