Seven Strategies to Stop Snooping

Every family get hit with snooping from time to time.  When it happens to us, I just want to yell “STOP SNOOPING!”

Keeping all those gift wrapped presents a secret can be a challenge under normal circumstances.  But with a dedicated snooper… yikes.

It may be Aunt Mable shaking and listening, or maybe it’s Uncle Angus squeezing and sniffing, or cousin Petunia that can somehow cause enough “tape failures” to actually SEE what’s hidden under the wrapping paper.

The worst part about a snooper is when they loudly proclaim what’s in the box BEFORE they even open it. [Read more…]

‘Twas just before Christmas

I can’t believe it’s less than three weeks until Christmas!  Instead of doing the boring stuff on my to-do list I wrote this instead.

tiny gift

‘Twas just before Christmas and all through the place

Not a present was wrapped, it was a disgrace.

The stockings were stacked right next to the tree,

With high hopes of finishing decoratively. [Read more…]

Five Minute Friday – Reflect

It’s Five Minute Friday!  My favorite writing time of the week.

Last time, the word was FLY.

Today’s writing prompt is… REFLECT. [Read more…]

What ELSE is on a Blogger’s Christmas Wish List

I’m continuing to share Christmas wish list ideas for your favorite writer or blogger.  Part one of this two part post included all the different free (or almost free) ways that you could encourage a blogger. It was based on the premise that bloggers LOVE encouragement.

Guess what else writers love.


We’re just like normal people, only slightly more obsessed with words and social media. [Read more…]

25 Boredom Busting Ideas for Christmas Break

Last summer I shared 281 boredom busting ideas for the summer. It turned into quite the popular post!  Now it’s time for 25 MORE boredom busting ideas just in time for Christmas Break.

My list last summer didn’t include anything exciting like “take a trip to the zoo” or “schedule your visit to the theme park.” Instead, it was 281 ideas for how to respond when your child says “I’m bored.”

The ideas ranged from “go clean your room” to “why not write a letter to your grandmother” and almost every single one of them avoided the use of computers, televisions, or digital devices.

Most of them avoided heavy crafting skills, intense parental involvement, or trips to the store for supplies.

There were a lot of  ideas that work year-round (like “take out the trash” please) but many of them were specific to summer. “Go run through the water sprinklers” isn’t such a good idea during the winter months.

I like to be prepared for “I’m bored.” So I made another list.

I started thinking about ideas for Christmas break. Even with all the new stuff my kids get for Christmas, I’m quite certain I will hear them say “I’m bored” long before they return to school in January.

And now I’m sharing it with you. [Read more…]

Best Christmas Song Ever???

So… it’s time for Christmas Songs.  They’re all over the place.

If you’re like me, your kids are singing snatches of whatever it is they are working on for their “winter concert” or Christmas performance.  Since my kids go to a private school, we actually get to call it a Christmas concert instead of just a “collection of songs about snow and stuff.”

My second grader gave me a sneak peak at his song.  My husband and I had tears rolling down our cheeks partway through the performance.  Apparently, the 2nd and 3rd grades will be singing together.

I had him sing it to me a second time as I typed.


… y’all…

… I can’t. [Read more…]

Overheard in passing – my family is weird

So… over the past week I’ve had a LOT of extra time with my kids.  As a results, I’ve overheard a LOT of funny stuff that cracked me up.  I’ve also determined that my family may be a little weird.  Strike that.  My family IS weird.  Definitely weird.

I like grappling hooks.  They take you places.

Some of what my kids say is just truly random.  It comes out of the blue and there is no context in which the statement makes sense.  Like when they’re playing soccer in the front yard and just randomly blurt out some statement about grappling hooks. [Read more…]

A Christmas Wish List for Bloggers

Yep, a Christmas wish list post.

This post is NOT shameless self promotion.  It has nothing to do with my recent declaration that I’m not as popular as I want to be.  Nope.  This isn’t about me at all.

(Although it IS an effort to be helpful and solve problems.  I’m at least TRYING to solve problems on my blog this week.)

This is a helpful list.  I’ve got a few suggestions for what you can give your favorite blogger (who isn’t me) for Christmas.

(psst… bloggy friends.  you can share my post if you’re too shy to ask for these things for yourself.  i’m helpful that way.)

[Read more…]

Christmas will come

I want you to think of “Christmas will come” as a message of hope  and not a reason to panic.

If you’re stressed, panicked, worn out, or strung out then this message is for you.

There are only a few days until Christmas.  It’s a stressful time for moms because at some point we realize that it’s just not all going to happen.

Some major something on our lists just won’t get done.  We’ve run out of time, energy, money, patience, or something.

Somehow, Christmas just isn’t shaping up to be what we hoped and dreamed it could be for our family.

Dear sweet mom, I want you to know – Christmas will come.

It will happen.  You can’t stop it.  There just isn’t more time or energy or money or patience or whatever is you think you need.  The kids are out of school and quite frankly, time’s up.  Christmas is here.

And it’s ok.

It’s going to be just fine.

Honest. [Read more…]

Christmas Stockings – My crazy little twist

I know, most families do Christmas stockings.

But I’ll bet my family does them differently than yours.  I’ve never met ANYONE who does what we do.

My kids have never questioned if the stuff in their stockings comes from Santa or from me.  Since I fill all four stockings, I think they’ve always assumed that the contents are an express delivery from the North Pole.

Don’t disillusion them, please?

[Read more…]

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