Grace for a messy house

Last week on Facebook, I posted a quick thought about the state of my messy house.  I said simply

“Mom, do you know what it means when you have dishes in the sink? It means you fed your family. It means you’re awesome.”

I was talking to myself.

I was in the grips of guilt because my house wasn’t exactly company ready when the doorbell rang.  It wasn’t a drop-in guest. I should have been more prepared, but life got in the way.

It wasn’t until I viewed my home through the lens of Grace that I could see the beauty of my messy house.  Come look. I think you’ll see it too. [Read more…]

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Spring Break means Spring Cleaning

Today’s post on spring break and spring cleaning is inspired by a writing prompt I spotted on Pinterest.

Spring Break at my house means spring cleaning.
There are jobs I don’t mind doing and jobs I hate.
Write two lists of chores you hate and chores you don’t mind doing.
How do you make the chores you hate more fun?

The pin came with a super cute graphic.  It’s from a blog called Artistry of Education.

(Why yes, this is part of the week long series on writing prompts for adults. I’m so glad you asked.) [Read more…]

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That’s not my job.

Last week, I asked my older son to sweep the dust bunnies on the (wooden) stairs.  He looked at me and said simply “that’s not my job.”  Then he walked off.

This could easily be a story about me yelling.  Believe me, I did.  At least at first.

[Read more…]

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Summer Saturday – Just like when I was little

It’s a summer Saturday.

As I write this, my kids are watching Woody Woodpecker.  My husband is cutting the grass.  I’ve cooked a hot breakfast.  Once the yard is done, we have an afternoon of family fun planned.

Just like when I was a kid.

Without realizing it, our family found that old time routine of yard cutting and chores on Saturday morning before playing all afternoon.

And it just feels… right.

Until a few weeks ago, we had a yard guy that came and cut the grass.  Between a desire to do a little budget cutting and a need to teach our kids some responsibility, we fired the yard guy.   We decided it was time to teach our boys to cut the grass and do yard chores.

Suddenly, everything just fit.

Summer Saturday Routine [Read more…]

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Points Project Update

points project from thishappymom.comIt’s Thursday, so I’m writing about our points project. It’s an ongoing series about trying to get my kids to do more chores, establish good habits, and become financially responsible.

After a week or so, the kids started pushing back about doing their chores.  It’s summer.  I was, quite frankly, surprised that it took more than two days for the novelty to wear off!  So I was prepared.  My husband and I had talked about it in advance and had a plan.  When asked to take out the garbage, one of my sweet children looked at me and said.   “No thank you mommy, I don’t need anymore points today.”  The other child chimed in with “I’d rather watch TV than earn points today.” [Read more…]

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Introducing the Points Project

Welcome to the points project.

I decided my kids would have to earn their own spending money this summer.  My goal was to get myself out of the role of saying NO quite as often.   Every time we go anywhere, my kids want me to buy stuff.  Candy, sodas, legos, video games, small plastic chunks of garbage… the list of stuff they want is endless.   So the first day of summer, I stuck a list of chores on the refrigerator.  It wasn’t exactly received with open arms.

[Read more…]

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Pointed Questions – I didn’t like these.

I don’t like it when my kids ask pointed questions, but they are really good at it.

A few days into the points project, my kids each asked really good questions.

Since it was about the points project, I think it would be fair to call them “pointed questions.” (pun intended).

Sometimes my kids ask me the really hard questions.

I jotted them down on the first scrap of paper I found and carried the card in my purse a few days while I pondered a response.

Pointed Questions:

Why do I have to do everything around here?

Mommy, how many points do YOU earn?

Have your kids ever asked you a pointed question?  How did you respond? Care to share what it was?

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Pointed Questions, part 2 (answers)

Pointed Questions from my kids require answers.  Sometimes that leaves me struggling with what to say.

About the second day of summer, as I asked Watty to pick up his trash off the floor, he rolled his eyes and gave me the big sigh. Then he yelled “why do I have to do EVERYTHING around here” and stomped off. I adjusted my attitude (mommy timeout) and then adjusted his. He did pick up the trash as expected (eventually).

Later the same day, as I was adding up their points for the day, GoGo sweetly asked me “How many points did you get today mommy?” I didn’t have an answer.
[Read more…]

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The benefits of eighteen (and some laundry stuff)

My kids are, roughly speaking, halfway to eighteen.

GoGo turns 8 this week.  Watty stays 9 until next May.

(at two loads of laundry per week per child, i’ve washed approximately 1,664 loads of laundry for them so far.  that’s a LOT of socks.)

Quite frankly, the idea that they are halfway to adulthood scares the living snot out of me! [Read more…]

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