My kids are NOT making me laugh

I have to be honest. My kids are NOT making my laugh today.

Imagine me standing here with my hands on my hips. I’m tapping one foot. I have the “mom face” going.  I’m saying

I am not amused.

Yes. It’s Tuesday. The day I normally post a cute story about how my kids make me laugh. I normally make a statement that my kids make me laugh almost every day.

The key word is almost.  Today is… the other kind of day.

Honestly, it’s all my fault. To quote TobyMac,

I need some time with God and a mental vacation.

Sorry, I’m not much for conversation….

(sorry if that song sticks in your head.  giggle.) [Read more…]

Ten Commandments of Car Line

Welcome to back to school season and the craziness that accompanies it.

If you’re looking for a little more encouragement, perspective, or just clean fun then I’ve got some great blog posts for you. I’ve rounded up all of my favorite school themed posts in one easy location just to make it easier to find them all.

10 commandments of car lineWith back to school in full swing, it’s time for moms and dads to spend an hour of their day in car line.  Oh joy.  We all love car line so much!

As a car line veteran, I have a few pointers I’d like to share with the newbies.

As a public service, of course.

I started to write the rules in a slightly different way.

  1.  We do not talk about car line.
  2.  We DO NOT talk about car line.

But I decided not to.  Instead, I give you this:

The Ten Commandments of Car Line

  1.  Thou shalt not honk. [Read more…]
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