Summer Truths – One last time

I can’t bid a farewell to summer without pausing to look back at what I’ve learned over the past few months.

Oh, who am I kidding.

Sprinkled throughout my posts this summer were a nice sprinkling of “summer truths.”  I’ve jotted down several pages of them in my writer’s notebook too.  I thought it would be fun to round them up and maybe laugh at them.

I started with truth #100.  No reason.

Summer Truths

100.  Sandals and flip flops mean that no one has to wear socks. [Read more…]

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A look back on Summer Boredom

My most popular post this summer has been 281 Ideas to Beat Summer Boredom.

281 summer boredom busters


I’ve received comments thanking me for an amazing list.

For those readers, thank you.  I love your feedback.  I hope the list helped you when you needed it most.  I figure it  kept a low level of fun going all summer long. Either that or you had a great weapon to use when your kids got whiney and rejected every single suggestion you could come up with.

I’ve received comments telling me it was a list of the most lame and boring ideas that could ever have been compiled.

For those readers… yep. You’re right.  It was a list of  everyday stuff.  There wasn’t a single high budget or high effort idea on the list.  If you were looking for a list of ways to amaze your kids with cool stuff like day trips to water parks, road trips to the museum of french fries, and Pinterest worthy crafts then you were disappointed.  It wasn’t intended to be that kind of list.  I never pretended otherwise.

But I didn’t get any feedback on whether or not the list actually worked.

If you remember, I started the summer with a simple premise.  My kids need to be bored. [Read more…]

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