Oh come on admit it… you remember the song about changes.  The one by David Bowie?

So what about the Turn Turn Turn song?  The one by The Birds that is direct from the book of Ecclesiastes?

In some ways, both are talking about the same thing.  Life comes at us in seasons.  At a certain point, there comes a time for change. You can either embrace it and move on, or you can fight it.

I don’t recommend fighting it. Just… trust me on that.


It’s time to make some changes to my blog.   Again. [Read more…]

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Five Minute Friday – Roots

five minute fridayFive Minute Friday is my favorite post each week!

I normally start looking forward to the Five Minute Friday reveal as soon as I hit “post” on Thursday (and sometimes sooner!)

It’s the biggest free-writing flash-mob I’ve found on the internet and I seriously love it! I have fun writing, and I love the community that forms the flash mob.

The rules are simple:  one prompt, five minutes to write, no editing.  The flash-mob is the brain child of Lisa-Jo Baker and is hosted (hostessed?) at her Tales from a Gypsy Mama Blog.

Last week, I wrote about VOICE

This week, the topic is ROOTS

Five Minute Friday – ROOTS [Read more…]

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