Thankful for past insights – Thankful Thoughts

thankful for past insights at thishappymom.comI’m thankful for past insights, particularly when I took the time to write them down somewhere for later.  Looking back at the past antics of my kids helps me find perspective.  Looking at my past struggles helps me see my growth.

I’m horrible about writing stuff down on a random scrap of paper and then tossing it a few weeks later… or not.  Sometimes I find these odd snippets of conversation jotted on the back of envelopes as I’m sorting through papers or unpacking boxes.  Those strange little messages from the past are always a delightful surprise.  It makes me regret that I haven’t been more diligent at journaling over the years, but not enough to get all fancy and buy a journal or anything. [Read more…]

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Thankfulness in all things – Thankful thoughts

Here I sit at 4:40am, musing over thankfulness. Anyone who knows me knows I am less than enthusiastic about the hour.

It’s Sunday (technically).  But that’s not helping my mood.

I had a post on thankfulness pre-written and scheduled as I slumbered until the last minute before heading to church.

But apparently, God has other plans.

So I sit, bleary eyed and waiting.  I am thinking through my blessings, reading scriptures on thankfulness, humming songs on the subject under my breath.  All welcome exercises, but not my first choice in the darkness of an early morning.

I am still and listening, trusting God to open my heart. [Read more…]

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Taking the Joy Dare – Do I dare? Should I share? Do you care?

taking the joy dareJoy Dare?  What is that?  Until today I couldn’t have put a name to it, even though I’d seen it in action in friends’ twitter and Facebook posts.

The concept behind the Joy Dare is simple enough… deliberate thankfulness. I like that, and I decided to dig further to figure out exactly what was behind all the talk.

Earlier this week, I shared an idea on Facebook about July being a month of “freedom from complaining.” The post I read (and shared) on Facebook says: [Read more…]

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I am Thankful for Hot Dogs – Thankful Thoughts

I’m thankful for hot dogs today, but not for eating.

Quite frankly, I’m not a huge fan of eating hot dogs.  I’m thankful for them because of the lesson I learned one day in what is now forever known in my family as “The Hot Dog Story.” [Read more…]

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Give Thanks for Thankfulness – Thankful Thoughts

Awareness. Appreciation. Gratefulness. Thankfulness. Gratitude. Enjoyment. Thanksgiving.

Thankfulness is one of my keys to happiness.  When I can focus on the blessings of my life, everything just works.  I’m contented with what I have, I see purpose in the random events of my life, I stay focused on God instead of myself.  I find peace.  Being able to be thankful in the midst of tough circumstances… that’s amazing.

This week, I really struggled with what to write about.  Thankfulness may be a daily event for me, but writing about it is apparently a little more difficult.  I struggled. So much so that it’s midnight on Saturday night and I’m just now sitting down to type.  Normally, I have my Sunday post on thankfulness written and scheduled by Thursday at the latest.  I had several ideas.  I have a ton of things to be thankful for.  But the words just would not flow.

Until now.  Now the words are spilling out faster than I can type. [Read more…]

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Thankful Thoughts: I Love Tortilla Faces

Today’s Thankful Thoughts are all about the Tortilla Face.

We have no idea when or why it started, but GoGo makes tortilla faces at every opportunity.

I have photographs of him holding a tortilla in front of his face going back almost FOUR YEARS.  He started when he was two.   [Read more…]

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Thankful Thoughts: Fathers

Awareness. Appreciation. Gratefulness. Thankfulness. Gratitude. Enjoyment. Thanksgiving.

Happy Father’s Day! Today I am thankful for my husband and the father of my children. Over the last dozen years, he has been my constant partner and companion in life. He is my best friend. He is also an amazing dad. I could write pages on how much I appreciate his role as husband and friend, but today… I’m thankful for him as the father of my sons. [Read more…]

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New Series: Thankful Thoughts

thankful thoughts

Introducing Thankful Thoughts

Awareness.    Appreciation.   Gratefulness.   Thankfulness.   Gratitude.   Enjoyment.   Thanksgiving.

I wanted to launch a new series on thankfulness, and Sunday seems to be the perfect day of the week to focus on the subject.  My intention is to write the Blog entry in advance and auto-schedule it for Sundays.   That lets me observe the whole “Sunday as a day of rest” thing.  It also enables me to spend my weekends focused on my family (very important). [Read more…]

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It rained here in Houston last night.  That’s kind of a rarity after last year’s drought.  Today in the car, Watty announced that he was awarding God 100,000,000,000 points for watering all the flowers and grass in Houston.

Just to up the cuteness factor, I’m sharing a photo of Watty from when he was about 16 months old.

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