My Grandmother’s Apple Butter

I grew up eating my family’s homemade apple butter.

My mom, aunt, and grandmother would all take turns making a huge batch of the stuff and then sharing the results between the three families.  They would make it in the oven, using the big black oval turkey roasting pan.

Growing up, I called it the “apple butter pan” and genuinely thought it was a special pan just for making apple butter. [Read more…]

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I’m (not) a bad apple and I’m making applesauce.

When life gives you bad apples, make applesauce.

I’m not really a bad apple, but after yesterday’s post on cussing I’m feeling a little feisty.  I also wanted to post something safe and non-controversial.

Mr Picky likes applesauce almost as much as he hates peas.  He loves the GoGo SqueeZ Applesauce
variety and thinks they are named for him.  And I buy plenty of those.  (affiliate link on the applesauce, not a bad price on them)

When I find apples in the bargain bin (or when I buy bad apples), I make my own.

[Read more…]

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