Remember Little Golden Books?

I have fond memories of Little Golden Books as a child. I loved the way the gold spines all lined up so perfectly. I loved bringing my mom a whole stack and letting her read them all to me. (My favorite was Nurse Nancy.) My kids have a lot of Golden Books, but I’ve gone a bit more high tech with them.

When I spent 30 minutes a day in carpool line with GoGo, our favorite way to spend the time was to read digital books together. These were two of GoGo’s favorites when he was 4-5 year old. I can’t recommend them enough. [Read more…]

Amazon Instant Video – Now Even Cooler on my iPad

All geeked out about amazon prime video iPADI’ve already explained why I love Amazon Instant Video paired with Amazon Prime.  But now, it’s even better.  I get to watch great television, commercial free, for no cost, from anywhere I have an internet connection.

I’ve also explained how much I love Amazon Prime and their Amazon Mom program.  Discounts on stuff I need (or needed when the kids were in diapers) and I get it shipped to my house for free.

Now, my life is complete.  Apple and Amazon worked out their differences using whatever legal and marketing ninja super powers were required.  And… wait for it…

Not only can I watch all those cool Amazon Instant Videos, I can watch them on my iPAD!!!!

The Amazon Instant Video App released today.  You can get it now in the App store. Amazon Instant Video - AMZN Mobile LLC  Currently, the app is only available for iPad, not for iPhones. [Read more…]

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