Why I changed my coffee habit

Starting in July, I made a radical change to my coffee habit.  A month of vacation had given my husband and I a LOT of chances to drink bad hotel coffee, over priced coffee drinks, and a few really spectacular cups of handcrafted heaven-in-a-cup.

I was looking forward to getting home and curling up in my favorite chair with my coffee every morning.  I’d expected to return to my time-tested routine.

Stumble downstairs, grope for the power button on the Keurig, count the seconds until it’s ready to go, and then inhale the fumes until I can actually DRINK the coffee.


We were out of k-cups. [Read more…]

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How Little Bear Made Me a Better Mom

I have a confession – I MISS the Little Bear Series on Television.

When my kids were pre-school aged, I made sure to record EVERY episode on the PVR.

Somewhere around 4:30, my oldest would start showing signs of the nap he skipped.  My youngest would start showing signs of being two.  I’d be trying to cook dinner, get presentable for my husband, stay out of the wine bottle, and keep it together enough to avoid (a) yelling (b) ordering pizza again and (c) strapping my kids into their car seats as a form of protective custody.

That’s when I knew it was time to turn on Little Bear. [Read more…]

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Learning American Geography The Easy Way (review)

Three products I LOVE that make teaching US Geography a breeze from thishappymom.comToday’s post features THREE products that work well together to make Learning American geography easy.  Any one of the three is a great way for your kids to grasp the basics (state names, locations, major cities).  The best part is that kids think they are PLAYING, not learning.

We aren’t a flashcard kind of family, but I wanted my children to know more basic American geography than what they had learned at school (they have completed Kindergarden and 2nd grade, I’m being ambitious).  Instead, I decided to approach teaching my kids the basics using tools they already love.  Since I couldn’t find a Lego state map kit, that translated into video games, puzzles, and family board games.

[Read more…]

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Amazon Instant Video – Now Even Cooler on my iPad

All geeked out about amazon prime video iPADI’ve already explained why I love Amazon Instant Video paired with Amazon Prime.  But now, it’s even better.  I get to watch great television, commercial free, for no cost, from anywhere I have an internet connection.

I’ve also explained how much I love Amazon Prime and their Amazon Mom program.  Discounts on stuff I need (or needed when the kids were in diapers) and I get it shipped to my house for free.

Now, my life is complete.  Apple and Amazon worked out their differences using whatever legal and marketing ninja super powers were required.  And… wait for it…

Not only can I watch all those cool Amazon Instant Videos, I can watch them on my iPAD!!!!

The Amazon Instant Video App released today.  You can get it now in the App store. Amazon Instant Video - AMZN Mobile LLC  Currently, the app is only available for iPad, not for iPhones. [Read more…]

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Amazon Mom

If you have kids in diapers and haven’t ever heard of Amazon’s program for Moms, you should check it out.  You get a great discount on diapers (up to 20%) and thee FREE months of Amazon prime. [Read more…]

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Math Practice Made Easy

Math practice made easy is probably an understatement.  It should probably be shouting “MY KIDS BEGGED ME TO PRACTICE THEIR MATH SKILLS DURING SUMMER VACATION!!!!”  My kids like math, but not enough to want to sit down and run through flash cards on summer vacation. They enjoy math games, but it generally takes a little mom-prodding to get them started.

Imagine my delight when I discovered something that was, in essence, math practice made easy.  It’s a set of Math Cubes from ThinkFun.  I got our set at Amazon when I was ordering an expansion pack for our Story Cubes (Rory’s Story Cubes Actions).

[Read more…]

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Five reasons I love Amazon Prime Videos

i love amazon instant videoI’m surprised at just how much I love Amazon Prime Videos.  When we moved back into the house after a year-long remodel, one of my top priorities was getting our television and PVR hooked back up.  I was so eager to get back to watching prime-time shows at my leisure, eager to skip through commercials, eager to return to “normal” television watching.

We hooked up the DVR, but the kids aren’t using it.  Our year-long forced separation from cable television has radically altered my family’s viewing habits.   My kids spent a few blissful afternoons watching the endless stream of available cartoons, but then they were done.  They prefer the on-demand flexibility they get from streaming videos instead.  I love the fact that they watch zero commercials – I can tell a difference in their “gimme gimme” requests.  I love that they are watching stuff that I find more tolerable (I’m not a big fan of plastic toys doing battle with each other). [Read more…]

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