Introducing the Points Project

Welcome to the points project.

I decided my kids would have to earn their own spending money this summer.  My goal was to get myself out of the role of saying NO quite as often.   Every time we go anywhere, my kids want me to buy stuff.  Candy, sodas, legos, video games, small plastic chunks of garbage… the list of stuff they want is endless.   So the first day of summer, I stuck a list of chores on the refrigerator.  It wasn’t exactly received with open arms.

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Pointed Questions – I didn’t like these.

I don’t like it when my kids ask pointed questions, but they are really good at it.

A few days into the points project, my kids each asked really good questions.

Since it was about the points project, I think it would be fair to call them “pointed questions.” (pun intended).

Sometimes my kids ask me the really hard questions.

I jotted them down on the first scrap of paper I found and carried the card in my purse a few days while I pondered a response.

Pointed Questions:

Why do I have to do everything around here?

Mommy, how many points do YOU earn?

Have your kids ever asked you a pointed question?  How did you respond? Care to share what it was?

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Pointed Questions, part 2 (answers)

Pointed Questions from my kids require answers.  Sometimes that leaves me struggling with what to say.

About the second day of summer, as I asked Watty to pick up his trash off the floor, he rolled his eyes and gave me the big sigh. Then he yelled “why do I have to do EVERYTHING around here” and stomped off. I adjusted my attitude (mommy timeout) and then adjusted his. He did pick up the trash as expected (eventually).

Later the same day, as I was adding up their points for the day, GoGo sweetly asked me “How many points did you get today mommy?” I didn’t have an answer.
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