Mr Google, What were you searching for?

google searchingMr Google has been searching for answers to some pretty weird stuff lately. I get a steady stream of traffic to my blog from Mr Google, and I think his kids have been using his computer without permission too.

In an effort to be helpful, I thought I’d just sit down and answer some of his questions all at once.

Mr Google is really busy, so I think he’ll appreciate my help, don’t you?

Here is what the Googles were searching for: [Read more…]

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More Eggs-ellent discussion from the Eggy Egg-Heads

all about eggsThe “eggs conversation” with my MIL left me curious about some facts.  What eggs-actly were the proper handling guidelines for eggs?   I wanted to know whether the whole “leave the eggs on the counter” thing was safe or not.  I was also curious just how unsafe her advice was to leave hard boiled eggs on the counte overnight.

So, I googled “hard boiled eggs” because that’s the way I do all scientific research these days.  I checked out Pinterest, because I had a few extra minutes.  I learned some new stuff about eggs that blew me away!

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Everything you need to know about eggs?

Everything you need to know about eggs, according to my MIL.

I was talking with my mother in law (aka MIL, she knows I blog, but she is computer-phobic and won’t look) about eggs.   I probably do have a family member who will read this blog and tell her about what I wrote.  (Aunt A, I’m sorry I’m so sarcastic in my mind… that’s how God made me.  But at least now you know your sister’s secret for hard boiled eggs.)

I had asked that she share a few of her favorite recipes along with the stories behind them.  I love food stories.  I love how dishes become entwined in family history and take on almost mythological significance.  I love how the mere mention of a recipe (or smell or site or even just seeing the right ingredients together) can trigger a whole flood of emotion and memory.  I love how a shared dish can bind people together beyond explanation or reason.  Like my grandmother’s jam cake recipe, or my aunt’s angel salad, or my other aunt’s yeast rolls. … … … oh wait… eggs, right. [Read more…]

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