For the Love of Writing

31 Days for the love of writing.

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And if that sounds crazy, you should read what else I could have called this series.

(Page in process.  Building links day by day.)

October 1: Series Launch (aka “what else I could have called this series”)

October 2: The Love of Writing Begins

October 3: It’s ok to be niche-less (and other reasons to avoid a label)

October 4: Bossy britches aren’t authentic or flattering.

October 5: Writing because I promised.

October 6: Dear Beginning Blogger

October 7: How to put your inner editor in time out

October 8: 10,000 hours more or less

October 9: The Love of Words

October 10: Writing with Purpose – P(EAC)E

October 11: Writing without purpose (I need an adultier adult)

October 12: But I’m Not a hot mess! (Making peace with yoga pants)

October 13: NaNoWriMo here I come

October 14: When God speaks through an ant, listen.

October 15: Big Girl Pant(i.e.)s

October 16: Read to write. (Why reading is part of what every good writer does, plus a lot of quotes.)

October 17: Sassy pants

October 18:  I’ve always been a writer.

October 19: Is God ok with sassy?

October 20: The difference between sassy and snarky

October 21: Top 10 Sassy Posts (so far)

October 22: The Best Advice on my Blog

October 23: How to be an efficient blogger

October 24: Beyond Sassy

October 25: In praise of denim (why writing from the comfort zone matters)

October 26: Legacy

October 27: You Are a Writer! (Book recommendation)

October 28: Hot Messes

October 29: It’s all about pants

October 30: Wardrobe Malfunctions

October 31: Series Wrap Up


In retrospect, I should have called it “31 days to finding my voice again.”  Thanks for your patience.


for the love of writing

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