Salad according to my kids

My kids have a warped understanding of what goes in a salad.  They also have the strange belief that salad is my favorite food.

(it’s not.  that’s a tie between cheese enchiladas and chocolate mousse cheesecake. don’t make me choose!)

Since they were making barfing noises at MY salad for the day, I decided to ask them what they think makes a good salad.

GoGo’s Salad Recipe:



Scrambled Eggs





I didn’t even know he knew what a radish WAS.  But I understand why he always runs away when I offer him a bite of my salad.  If thinks that’s what I’m eating I don’t blame him.

I’d run away from that salad too!

Watty’s Salad Recipe:


Bell peppers – black, red, AND green ones.




Ranch dressing


I asked him what kind of fruit and he just shrugged his shoulders and said “all kinds.”    I’m trying to figure out what kind of fruit goes best with ranch dressing and pickles.  Any suggestions?

I should clarify that Watty does actually eat salad from time to time.  He picks a salad over french fries when given the chance.  But his idea of a salad is iceburg lettuce and three baby tomatoes – no dressing.  It’s a start.

I have no idea about the black bell peppers.  Maybe he meant purple.  I’ve seen dark purple ones before – they are disappointingly green on the inside.  They also lose their purple color when you cook them.

MY salad recipe

I eat a lot of salads in the summer.  It helps me avoid actual cooking where I have to turn the stove on.  My general recipe is to open up the refrigerator, grab the foods that need to be eaten before they go bad, and start chopping.

Monday that was celery, cucumber, tomato, onion, grilled chicken, one inch of salami, some capers, a little mozzarella, and italian dressing.  It was yummy.

Tuesday it was chicken salad.

Tonight it will be buffalo chicken salad wraps, except I’m out of celery and I need to actually cook some more chicken.

If you want more ideas, check out my board on Pinterest.  I’m always adding new salads.

Got a favorite? Leave me a link and I’ll pin it.

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  1. Hmmm…well, I do like ketchup on my eggs sometimes but I’m not sure about the radishes and wait, I thought a tomato was a fruit 😉 Buffalo chicken wraps sound really good for dinner!

    • I wasn’t going to get into the whole “tomatoes are a fruit” thing with him. Just.Not.Worth.It.

      Mmm… buffalo chicken wraps. I’ll marinate some chicken in wing sauce, grill it, and then chop it up. Chop up some celery and add carrot shreds. Then blue cheese chunks and ranch dressing. Wrap in lettuce leaves or tortillas and eat. mmm…

  2. {Melinda} That’s too funny! My kids think I’m a health freak, too. YOu know, because I don’t eat Taco Bell three times a day. They’re teenagers, remember? 🙂

    Thanks for kicking off our Spirited Mom series in such awesome fashion! YOur post has been pinned almost 300 times so far. 🙂 Hoping it’s driven some traffic to you, my friend!

    • Melinda, you’re so sweet.

      I’m thrilled that the post got so many repins so quickly – that’s amazing. It’s my prayer that the whole series reaches as many mommas as possible in whatever form works best.

      My kids keep trying to get me to take them to McDonald’s. Yesterday, the line was “but mom, they sell SALADS there.” I didn’t work, but I was impressed with their effort.

  3. As a non-salad eater, I commend you. My hubby wishes he lived with you, since he adores salad! 😉 Love your kids’ recipes for salad…so funny!-Ashley

    • I’m convinced that you just haven’t had the right salad yet.

      I’d suggest a starter salad with jello and marshmallows and cream cheese (if that’s how you roll). From there you can work your way up to a fruit salad – preferably the one with tossed coconut that’s marinated in a little orange liquor.

      See? You do like salads. 🙂

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