You know the funniest part of the eggs thing?  I hated them growing up.  They’re still not my favorite food.

But I get egg-cited about puns.  For whatever reason, I love a good egg yolk.

Over the past THREE years, I’ve shared a LOT of bad egg jokes on my blog.


It was fun to write, and I’d like to think it was fun to read.

July 2012 (Round One)

It started with my mother-in-law’s secret method for peeling hard boiled eggs.

Then I engaged in some silly egg-spirimentation on alternate methods of peeling hardboiled eggs… because I couldn’t believe my MIL could be right.

I shared a recipe for Pea Salad that used up some of those hard boiled eggs.

I tried to be serious and provide my readers with all the facts about eggs, but my puns got in the way.

Because I was on an (egg) roll, I wrote out a menu plan featuring egg dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

I created yet-another post eggs-ploring different methods for cooking hardboiled eggs.

I told a story about cheesy eggs that amused my kids.

Then I finished with a throw back recipe for creamed eggs (the dish that started the conversation with my mother in law).

looking for an eggsite

I also twittered about eggs.

For about two weeks, my twitter stream was littered with eggs.

  • Hmmm… wonder if there will be eggs in tomorrows post.  I can’t remember.
  • Just got back from wally world, bought more eggs.
  • I chickened out and didn’t post more egg stuff today.
  • chick out my latest post – no eggs at all.

Between Twitter and Facebook, it was a LOT of egg puns.

So I rounded them all up in “Way too many tweets and puns about eggs.

Eggs were briefly mentioned in the Saturday Singalong.  It included a literary reference to the Hobbit.

cookies have eggs

Eggs and Easter go together, right?

Round 2: Easter 2013

I got into some mischief with our Easter Eggs.

I shared some ridiculously bad Easter jokes that featured bunnies AND eggs.

i crack myself up

Round 3: Easter 2014

Clearly, it’s becoming an annual thing. I just can’t stay away from a few egg posts a year.

Egg pun themed lunchbox notes (bunny free, in case you have a bunny ban at your school)

Why eggs are bad for my marriage

 My favorite movies and videos that feature eggs.

Will there be more eggs?

I’m almost chicken to find out if my readers can stand yet another round of egg jokes.  Someone might crack at the very thought of it.  Then again, they might crack up.

Did I mention that I’ve got an entire board devoted to my egg obsession (is that an EGGsession?) that I cleverly called EGG-ceptional things.

i love eggs

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