MOMtor Monday – Staycations

It’s my MOMtor Monday today, so I’m guest posting over at Mothering From Scratch.

Today’s post is all about Staycations.  As a staycation veteran, I was only too happy to share what makes a great staycation.  I even dished about the one that wasn’t so good.

CLICK HERE:  —–>  How to take a Summer Staycation.

(seriously – go read my post at Mothering From Scratch.

staycation survival

If you need more inspiration for a great Staycation, I’ve been pinning ideas on Pinterest.

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All wrapped up?

I’ve got things all wrapped up, so I took the day off to go fishing.

(ok, technically i’m here, but i think you know what i mean)

It’s my Momtor Monday!

I’ve got motherhood all wrapped up.  [Read more…]

Why I’m not crafting Easter Eggs (MOMtor Monday)

no easter eggs for meI’m not planning any Easter Egg crafts with my kids this week.

We have a ton of ways that we’ll be celebrating Easter, but crafts involving bunnies, eggs, plastic grass, or colorful candy just aren’t on our list.

I adore seeing all those cute crafts on Pinterest.  There’s nothing wrong with them.  They just aren’t for me.

I’m dishing one of my deep dark secrets as a mom over at Mothering From Scratch today.

momtor monday: the art of facing reality

MOMtor MondayIf you want to know more about my non-craftiness (like the day my husband confiscated my glue gun) you’ll need to sign up for my Newsletter.

Since it’s egg week, I’ll be posting lots of eggy fun on Facebook and Twitter (and maybe Instagram too).  You seriously don’t want to miss it.

Be sure to come back tomorrow for an Easter-themed edition of “My Kids Make Me Laugh.”  I’ve been waiting for MONTHS to share this story with you!

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Spicing up Motherhood

spicing up motherhoodIf you haven’t figured it out by now, I love spicing up motherhood.

Today I’m over at Mothering From Scratch as a guest MOMtor.  I’m dishing up a healthy serving of humility and spicing it up with my own quirky sense of humor on the subject of Spicing up Motherhood.

Go look.  I’ll wait.


(imagine the game show “thinking song” playing in my head.)

Oh good, you’re back.

10 more ideas for Spicing Up Motherhood. [Read more…]

MOMtor Monday – Mothering from Scratch

Some time in the past three months, the lovely ladies at Mothering from Scratch invited me to be a MOMtor on their blog.  I was super geeked out about it and probably annoyed my husband by talking about it a wee bit more than I should have.

What’s a MOMtor?  So glad you asked.   Per Mothering From Scratch…

A MOMtor is a seasoned mentor who shares advice, wisdom and life lessons which help us in our mothering journey. These carefully selected mothers dish out their experience with a side dish of compassion. Our goal is to leave you wanting more.

I’m honored.  I’m tickled pink.  And I love it.

Today is my third post as a MOMtor.  I love the timing of this post because it’s the advice I really needed this morning.  I hope you like it  too.

3 gifts every mom can give herself

Go on over an check it out.   No matter what your budget may look like, these are three gifts that you can afford to give yourself.  Honestly, you can’t afford to NOT give them to yourself.

There’s a photo of me in my PJ’s just in case you needed motivation to click. 🙂  While you’re there, browse a few more posts and you’ll understand why Mothering from Scratch is one of my favorite blogs.

And, in case you missed them, I’m giving you the links to all my MOMtor posts all in one easy place.

My collection of MOMtor posts:

Negotiating Holiday Traditions – All about communication in marriage and throwing a big birthday party for Jesus.

Patience and Creativity in Parenting – My super secret potty training trick revealed.  The lesson I learned applies to parenting in any situation, even if you already survived potty training.

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