MOMtor Monday – Families

Today is my MOMtor Monday at Mothering From Scratch.  Yeah!

Kathy and Melinda asked me to write this piece several months ago, and I immediately started stressing about it. I wrote and re-wrote the post endlessly in my head.  Writing about family issues isn’t easy, and I did NOT want to upset anyone in the process.  (Been there, done that.)

I finally submitted the post a few weeks back, and I’ve been on pins and needles ever since.  In full disclosure, I woke up at 4am this morning thinking about it.  I woke up from a nightmare and just couldn’t go back to sleep.  In my dream, every woman I’m related to was calling me and demanding to know if she was Edwina or Auntie Awesome Blossom.

Go check it out:  how to keep the peace with difficult relatives

Then leave me a comment telling me I’m amazing… because I am really really really insecure today.

the universe does not revolve around me





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MOMtor Monday – the blessing of a strong willed child

It’s my MOMtor Monday at Mothering From Scratch!

Go check it out!  the blessings of parenting a strong willed child

momtor monday strong willed

(Oh, and if you haven’t gotten the ultimate homemaking bundle yet… go grab it while you can. It’s worth it.)

To be honest, the timing could have been a little better.  Guest posts get written and submitted long before they are published (in this case about two weeks).  When I wrote the post, it was easy to see the blessings from raising two strong willed boys.  This morning… not so much.

Today was one of THOSE mornings.   It was the kind of morning that has me scrambling for my yelling journal because I have some things to write down.

This morning, we needed grace… like candy.   It was loud and messy and chaotic, even for a Monday morning.  It was everything my guest post was not. I felt like a fraud.

I strive for authenticity on my blog… for honesty even when it’s uncomfortable.  Raising strong willed boys isn’t all sunshine and rainbows.  It gets messy.  

It’s been a long time since I first locked horns with my son in a two-day long battle over peas.   That’s when I first learned the importance of picking my battles.

It’s been an even longer time since the whole hot dog incident that humbled me and taught me to see divine lessons in messy places.

But as I looked back at those stories (and the countless others too messy or too trivial to share) I began to see the bigger picture.

I could see how God uses those moments to draw me closer to Him and to help me grow.  I saw how the breakthrough moments leave my boys with teachable hearts… and how the lesson God has so recently engraved on MY heart is so easily taught in that moment.

I can see God’s wisdom in giving me boys who are every bit as strong willed as I am.

With that perspective, I’m able to see the blessing once again.






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MOMtor Monday – Weird and Wonderful

It’s MOMtor Monday! I’m over at Mothering From Scratch today sharing my thoughts on Laurie Wallin’s new book, Your Weirdness Is Wonderful and why the book was pretty much written just for me.

(To catch you up on my ever fascinating life…  My in laws left last Wednesday from their unexpected visit.   By Wednesday night, I knew I was sick. I spent Thursday and Friday in bed listening to my kids destroy the house in a spring-break driven haze of Legos and video games and potato chips.  

Yes, my MOMtor post is an accurate reflection of what really happens in our bedroom several nights a week.  That’s just how we roll.  The fact that he slept on the couch twice last week had nothing to do with our “discussion” OR his mom’s visit. It was entirely based on my cold.  

This morning the kids went back to school. The rains last night seem to have washed away much of the pollen that has fallen over the past week. It was bad – yellow drifts of the stuff were everywhere.  I’m left trying to catch up on laundry, restock the pantry, and corral all the minifigs back into the play room.

Remember two weeks ago when I confessed I was having crafting urges again? Right after I posted the pants of shame, I went and dug out the sewing machine again. I started AND finished a quilted table runner.  It’s sitting on my kitchen table right this very minute.  I pieced it together, quilted it, and put a binding around the edge.  Just… don’t look too close.  It came out better than the pants of shame or the now-famous zipper catastrophe, but that still leaves a lot of room for improvement.

I *might* have thrown the “table quilt” in my husband’s lap yesterday as proof that I actually DO finish things.  He may or may not have responded appropriately.)

If that last little bit puzzles you, you obviously didn’t go read my post over at Mothering From Scratch.  Go… now.  I’ll wait.

why i’m OK with being weird

Now it all makes sense, right?

You seriously need to get your hands on Laurie’s book.  You will be blessed!  Just click on my Amazon link and download your copy.


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MOMtor Monday – When you don’t feel like a good mom

It’s my MOMtor Monday with the ladies over at Mothering From Scratch. Today, I’m talking about three different strategies you can use when you don’t feel like a good (enough) mom.

If you know me, you know I struggle with feeling like a good mom.

Like the time I (almost) gave my son food poisoning.

The strategies I share are the tried and true ones that work for me.

What I didn’t share is that sometimes, there’s a powerful lesson hidden in those I-am-a-horrible-mom moments.  Sometimes, those are the moments that end up having the biggest impact in my life.

Like the time my kids blew up stuff in the kitchen.

Head on over to Mothering From Scratch.  While you’re there, be sure to follow them on Facebook and sign up for their free ebook.  I hope you love them as much as I do!

good mom having a bad day

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MOMtor Monday – Look how organized I am.

Today is MOMtor Monday!  I’m guest posting over at Mothering From Scratch and I couldn’t be happier.  Today’s post is part of their “Start With One” series on overcoming the overwhelming.  This week, the topic is organization.

Y’all.  Don’t laugh.  Seriously.  Be nice to me.  You are NOT allowed to laugh at the fact that I was tasked to write a post about one thing other people could do to feel more organized. [Read more…]

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MOMtor Monday! I’m a hostess with the mostest!

It’s my MOMtor Monday at Mothering From Scratch.  In honor of the holiday season, I’m dishing up some words on finding your sweet spot as a hostess.

How to hostess with spirit, not stress.

Confession time: [Read more…]

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MOMtor Monday – Why my kids are at private school

Happy Monday morning friends!  It’s my MOMtor Monday and I’m over at Mothering From Scratch.

I’m sharing why my kids are at private school.  It’s part of a larger discussion about school, homework, and how different choices are right for different families.   I love it because it’s absolutely NOT a mommy war thing.  How refreshing is that!

So go on over and join in the conversation!

>>>>> Why my kids are at private school. <<<<< [Read more…]

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MOMtor Monday – Cookie Dough and Self Control

It’s MOMtor Monday and I’m over at Mothering from Scratch with a guest post.

I’ve adored their series on the fruits of the spirit this summer.  I love fresh fruit in the summer time, and their series really satisfied!

Because I’m a regular contributor to Mothering from Scratch (and because they actually plan their posts out weeks in advance) I actually had this writing assignment since last May.

For three months, I’ve been staring at “self control” as a writing topic.

When I first got it, I immediately told my husband.   His response was not exactly the loving and supportive one that I was looking for! [Read more…]

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MOMtor Monday – Kindness

It’s MOMtor Monday and I’m guest posting at Mothering From Scratch on the subject of Kindness.  It’s part of their 8 week long series on the Fruits of the Spirit.

(it’s been an awesome series, i’m secretly hoping they turn it into an ebook.  hint hint.)

Go on over – be sure and leave a comment and tell me hello.

The Healing Power of Kindness



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MOMtor Monday – Cookies and Momma Love

It’s my MOMtor Monday and I’m thrilled about it.

First, I always love guesting at Mothering From Scratch and interacting with their awesome community of ladies.

Second, This is the start of an amazing series they are doing called “A Fruity Look at Mothering.”  I can’t wait to see what they will share this summer.

spirited mom

Today I’m sharing a post titled HOW MOMMA LOVE MADE ME LOSE MY COOKIES.

Go read it.  I’ll be back tomorrow with a story of how my kids make me laugh.

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