My Blogging Chair

I’m sitting in my favorite chair, a space the kids call my blogging chair.  I never intended for it to become “my” chair.

I always thought it was silly to hear people talk about a spot in the house that belonged to just them or to have a chair that no one else in the family was allowed to sit in.  I never got it.

But there’s this chair.  I doesn’t face the television, so no one else really wants it.  It has easy access to a power supply.  It gets great morning light.  I can see out the back window.

And it just kind of works.  When I’m alone, it’s peaceful.  When the kids are here, I know where they are and can supervise them.  When the television is on, I can put my headphones on and not be distracted.

Over time, it became “my chair.” [Read more…]

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Blissdom Bliss – UnMarketing Giveaway

Today’s Blissdom Bliss is from my notes on Scott Stratten’s Keynote address. It includes a giveaway.

(this is part 5 of the series, in case you lost track.)

I have to confess. I had no idea who this guy was when he stood up to speak. All I knew was that he tweeted – a LOT. He was more enjoyable to follow on twitter than most. And that he had a book.

(disclosures: Scott gave each of us a book in our SWAG bags. I’ve exchanged tweets with Scott and was a total geek about it.)

Now that I know… I think he’s awesome.  I’m giving away some of his awesomeness because I want to share. [Read more…]

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My Five Pet Peeves for Bloggers and Blogging

I’m not an expert on bloggers and blogging. My own blog hasn’t even had it’s first blog-a-versary.  But I spend hours each week looking at other blogs.

Over the past year, I estimate I’ve spent over a thousand hours on other people’s blogs.

That’s enough time to develop a few pet peeves.

If you think I’m talking about your blog… maybe I am. I don’t want to hurt your feelings.  But as a friend, I have to tell you this. Sometimes, I have a hard time reading your blog. I want to. The words are fabulous. But sometimes, the structure of your blog gets in the way.

Here’s my pet peeves for bloggers and blogging. [Read more…]

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blissdom bliss @UnMarketing

blissdom for non bloggers unmarketingToday’s Blissdom Bliss is brought to you by Scott Stratten, Mr @UnMarketing himself.

No, he’s not guest posting.  Don’t be silly.  But I as I was working on the next installment of my Blissdom Bliss for non-bloggers series, things got a little strange.

Scott was our keynote speaker, and he was awesome.  I would pay money to listen to the man just for the stand-up comedy routine.  It was that good.  Particularly his rant about QR codes. (link to YouTube – it’s worth the time to watch it.  Honest.)

As I was mulling over what to say, I saw something QR code related on Pinterest.

(what?  you don’t surf Pinterest while mentally drafting blog posts?  i thought everyone did that.)

It was a really cool idea for using QR codes in the classroom, and I was intrigued.  I also remembered that Scott Stratten claimed that 90% of what he does on Twitter was responses.

So I thought… what he heck… and I tweeted a question to @UnMarketing about whether it was a good use for QR codes or not.

And then @UnMarketing tweeted me. [Read more…]

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Blissdom Bliss for Non Bloggers (#5club 2)

blissdom for non bloggers 2I had an awesome and amazing time at Blissdom and I came back with ton of stuff I wanted to share – my Blissdom Bliss

Most of what I learned applies to EVERYONE – not just bloggers and social media junkies.    (as a reminder, even if you aren’t tweeting , your tweens probably are.)

Over the next few weeks, I’m sharing some Blissdom Bliss posts on a random basis.

The very first speaker I heard at Blissdom was Jon Acuff.  It was 5am for the aptly named #5club.

Part one of my notes is in a previous post on Blissdom Bliss.  You can read about why we were meeting at 5am. [Read more…]

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Blissdom Bliss for Non-Bloggers #5club

blissdom bliss for non bloggers

I had an awesome and amazing time at Blissdom and I came back with ton of stuff I wanted to share – my Blissdom Bliss

My blogging friends have asked me what I learned, and I can’t blame them.

But I also remember what it felt like to read these kind of posts when I didn’t have my own blog.  I felt left out.  I wanted to just move on to the next post because I didn’t see why I should care.

So here’s the deal.

Most of what I learned applies to EVERYONE – not just bloggers and social media junkies.

(besides, if i don’t tell you how amazing it was, then i can’t possibly meet you in person at a future blossom event and hug your neck, right? i promise – i’ll put blogger or social media specific stuff in it’s own section where the rest of you can ignore it.)

So over the next few weeks, I’m planning on sharing some Blissdom bliss posts on a random basis.

The very first speaker I heard at Blissdom was [Read more…]

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Top Nine Things I’m Learning At Blissdom

what i've learned at blissdom so farI’m learning a ton at Blissdom this week.  It’s huge and overwhelming and there are things I want to change right this minute.  But the conference isn’t even over.  I need the dust to settle.

I promise I won’t post endlessly* about my fabulous blogging conference and all the free stuff… blah blah blah.  I know not all of you are bloggers and don’t even care.

edited:  I’m continuing to post what I’ve learned at Blissdom.  The next post dishes on Jon Acuff’s #5club event.  Go look!

(but if i’m honest, i’m most excited about the new grape-apple flavor of GoGo squeeZ i’m bringing home for my kids.)

But if you’ve ever been ANY kind of conference, I think you’ll find this funny.  Honest.

(Since 33% of this list is about smart-phones, it means I really did do an entire week of posts devoted to my phone.  I bet you thought I couldn’t do it.)

Top Nine Things I’m Learning at Blissdom (so far) [Read more…]

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Rules for Writing

Rules for WritingWhen I first started my blog, I didn’t have any rules for writing in place.

Oh sure, I had the standard rules about grammar and spelling (although I violate those from time to time).  But I didn’t have any formal rules about content.

While I’ve never put them down in writing (except the one about not cussing), I do have rules.  They evolved over time, but they are now firmly in place.

My rules for writing

Rule One:  No dishonor. [Read more…]

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Solitude, part three

solitude with thishappymom.comIf you’re wondering how you missed the first two parts of a solitude series, don’t worry.

You didn’t.  I did.  It wasn’t until I was writing today’s post that I even realized it was the third part of a bigger story.  I first wrote about how much I was craving space to think in a Five Minute Friday post on QUIET.   Then I finally got some space and was thankful for it in some thankful thoughts on solitude.

Which brings me to today. [Read more…]

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Monday Musings

Sigh… It’s Monday.

Part of me is celebrating that I survived.  Part of me is sad that it’s over.  Part of me is still trying to figure out what time it is.

And after a month long joy-fest, I feel like I’m starting all over on the blogging thing.

And I’m pretty much starting over on my social media addiction after several weeks of neglect.

About the blog [Read more…]

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