It’s 5am and I’m up.

5am and im up

It’s 5am.  The world outside my window is dark.  I’m famously NOT a morning person.  But I’m up.

I’ve been awake for half an hour.  That’s long enough to stagger into the kitchen and make my husband an egg sandwich while the coffee maker worked magic.  It’s long enough for me to stare hopelessly into the warm coffee mug and feel the caffeine steam kiss my face.

Thirty minutes is long enough to remember that I’m not a morning person and to then subsequently remember why I’m up.

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It’s Monday. Again.

welcome to the new normal

It’s Monday.  Again.  And once again my kids are not in school today.

They won’t be in school tomorrow either.


It feels like there’s no such thing as a normal week anymore. [Read more…]

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and today’s post is…

and todays post is

Today’s post is late.

It should have been written last Friday and scheduled.  But last Friday the city of Houston shut down and closed because it dropped below freezing.  There was a prediction of frozen rain.  We Houstonians don’t know how to drive on ice.

Since it wasn’t written last Friday, it probably should have been written this weekend.  But this weekend the weather was glorious.  The afternoons were warm and sunny.  I spent time watching my kids play in the yard and chatting with a neighbor instead.

Since it wasn’t written over the weekend, it should have been written yesterday.  (along with um… yesterday’s post.  oops.)  But we had this crazy weather thing going and I knew the kids would be out of school again today.  I had a bunch of errands, lunch with a girlfriend, gym time.  It just got crazy busy and there wasn’t a second to think.

Since it wasn’t written yesterday, it should have been written this morning.  But Houston is closed again.  There’s probably ten whole snow flakes on my car.   There is a single icicle on my rose bush that’s a whole quarter inch long.  My husband offered to work from home and keep the kids this morning while I went to the gym.  I don’t think he’d even finished the offer before I was putting on my gym shoes.  Let’s just say it was my longest workout ever. [Read more…]

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Why I write what I write

why i write what i write

Based on some recent off-line conversations, I realized I needed to clarify why I write what I write.  My purpose hasn’t changed, and (at least to me) the vision for my blog remains unchanged.

My blog was born on a whim.  The purpose and vision came later.

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